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         Important Threads





Sandbox Lobby Guide: A guide to navigating Sandbox.

Ultimate Sandbox Guide: Another guide to Sandbox.

Lobby Emotes: A list of the current emotes in Sandbox.

Rules and Reporting

Rules: Note that in Sandbox only Community Violations are enforced.

Terms of Service: By using the web site, you are agreeing to be bound by the linked terms and conditions.

Report System: A general guideline on how to report and how rules are enforced. In Sandbox, only Community Violations are enforced.

Misc. Games

System Messages: Copy and paste them into your game. The Google Doc is here.

Role Mechanics: Report and read different role mechanics.

Site Help

EM Tags Thread: List of tags which can be used.

Adding Players to Lists: Guide to adding players to forum lists.

How to Upload Images: Guide to uploading images on this site.

How to Upload Videos: Guide to uploading videos.

Karma Thread: Post to get karma if you are a new user here.


EpicMafia Enchancement Suite: A chrome/firefox extension that improves user experience on EpicMafia.

EMJack: A script that does a lot of things.

EM Role Descriptors: A script that adds a link to a name of a role going to its role page.

Fufu Icons: A script to make the EpicMafia role icons into fufus (Ben's old thread here).

Cuticons: A script to make the EpicMafia role icons into cuter ones.

EM Autohider: A script to hide people's comments that you don't want to see.

EM Custom Game Backgrounds: A script to add custom game backgrounds to various screens.

Chatft: A script that improves chatbox experience.

Sandbox Community

Sandbox Discord: The Official Sandbox Discord Server!

Poll Suggestions: Suggest polls in this thread.

Background Suggestions: Suggest backgrounds in this thread.

Album of the Week: Suggest an album to be album of the week.

Monthly Banner: Suggest banners in this thread.

Master List of Setups: Suggest setups to be rotated as pinned.

Compliment the User Above You: Compliment a Sandbox player and then get complimented after that!

Birthday Thread: Let the Sandbox Community know your birthday to give you a shoutout when it's your special day!

Faces of EM: Post your brilliant selfies!

Pets of Sandbox: Post your pet's brilliant selfies!

Art of EM: Post your brilliant artwork!

Streaming Masterthread: Watch movies with the community or host your own stream!

Wall of Shame: Did someone upvote their own comment? Report it here!

Current Going-ons

Long Game II: It isn't about the short game anymore!

Sandbox Survivor 5: Apply for Sandbox Survivor 5: The Serengeti, an online role-playing game run over Discord!

If there are any threads I may have left out or you want to suggest something for the Current Going-ons category, just comment below or pm me here and I'll add them.

sl0ndermanNov 26, 2017
I object to having my thread included on your "I'm trying to be a pseudo-mod" post.
Shwartz99Nov 26, 2017
I object to having my thread included on your "I'm trying to be a pseudo-mod" post.
I'll remove it then.

Dooze asked me to make the thread soz
doozeNov 26, 2017
Hi!! I did ask Schwartz to make the thread because I know they've shown an interest in formatting on EM and listy stuff before / know they'll keep it more up to date than the old one!
Shwartz99Apr 2, 2018
I know they'll keep it more up to date than the old one!
Updated this for the first time in months
Shwartz99Oct 27, 2018
This list has been updated, all threads here will be used for my administration. Once again, pm me or say here if you want to add something to Current Going-ons.