Compliment the user above you7,073

Christopherzilla97mon 11d

You are beautiful.

com·pli·ment nounˈkämpləmənt/

1. a polite expression of praise or admiration. "she paid me an enormous compliment"

embrin25d 8h
The user above lacks a great deal of intelligence.
And you think this is a compliment?
Nooby25d 8h
The user above is adorable, friendly, sweet, and one of the funnest em users to be around
SnowyBee25d 4h
Nooby Bae is such a sweetpie <3 All the besos and hugs for Nooby <3
addie1225d 4h
snowy is soooooooooooooooooo nice to everyone
embrin24d 38m
Addie is so fun to play with! Definitely deserves more friends ^-^
quasimodo23d 20h
i have never seen this user before which means they have been blessed by not experiencing me and that is amazing and i am so happy for them
nocash23d 18h
Is an excellent slowroller.
caitelatte23d 11h
pretty nice and chill to play with!
Shwartz9917d 8h
a great person all around, and really helps out with my discord server :D
tomaz012h 5m
I like the shwartz99 for our 5 year ongoing pokewar
LeEpicH9h 12m
brought back this amazing thread
space6h 19m
makes a good emote
this user never got a compliment but it's always great being in games with this user as they are quite good and usually catch me as mafia

brought back this amazing thread
this user has a great attitude and i'm glad they're in sandbox
banime6h 1m
not the worst user