openforGame 7046022almost 5 years
So much ISP
openforGame 7045959almost 5 years
ISP. Claimed he wasn't reading the game so he random hammered me.

openforGame 7045942almost 5 years
Didn't claim bs which led to me shooting him + funvested
opendeletedforGame 7045928almost 5 years
openforGame 7045913almost 5 years hipfired and lost town the game
openforGame 7045910almost 5 years
moderated by
openforGame 7045424almost 5 years
GAMETHROW just to spite his mafia team. on night 4 he killed blue (instead of hooking bs/killing cop) into autoloss. He didnt even hook the cop & he knew he needed to hook or kill cop or it'd be autoloss. BS outed very explicitly (he knew who BS was & also cced BS) He killed blue instead of cop even though I explained it to him on n3 lol.
openforGame 7045434almost 5 years
openforGame 7045317almost 5 years
Claims he decided the hammer on a coin toss. Whats the point?
openforGame 7045254almost 5 years
checked his cc thats isp by negligence. refund this shit i reckon
openforGame 7045205almost 5 years
shot uncc'd gs, mistake but still i want my heart back
openalmost 5 years
This player ISPd the entire game, "claiming hooker," as villager.

It seems he just wants to take a break from EM so he is racking up the vios saying that, "He cannot wait for them!"

Here is the game:
opendeletedforGame 7045084almost 5 years
opendeletedforGame 7045070almost 5 years
ogi throughout the game, kept threatening to report cop so they would be forced to out
openforGame 7045041almost 5 years
Gamethrow and in the alternative ISP
openforGame 7045021almost 5 years
didn't out a vest before shooting
openforGame 7044906almost 5 years
asked to be shot d1 as town
openforGame 7044892almost 5 years
Gamethrow. Voted no one d1 when I never claimed to be hammering.

I literally said "oh what are we doing." and voted no one to give IOIIIIOI. He then voted no one a solid 5 seconds after he saw me nl.

If I was hammering why would I have voted before him. If he was giving me hammer he would've voted long before the timer was going up.
openforGame 7044671almost 5 years
Gamethrow , they got guiltied as blue and claimed gs and fished me out
openforGame 7044598almost 5 years
GT N2, gunned confirmed maf
openforGame 7044501almost 5 years
OGI, we really need to stop people from claiming that voting them is GT, or after the fact they are being hammered saying that people are GT'ing. If you are being voted just accept it. This hurts the game esp when new players are being subjected to it.
openforGame 7044405almost 5 years
GT didn't kill cop or gs, killed his direct blue cc instead
openalmost 5 years

blue was gunned and never shot, and voted randomly at the end of the day
openforGame 7044253almost 5 years
Through the entire D1 I asked for PRs to claim so I did not shoot them. Zovea allowed 3 PRs to claim when he was cop. Therefore, there were 2 mafia within the PR claims. That left 1 mafia in blues. He played against his win condition because of his utter brickheadedness to adapt to the way the game was being played. He knowingly reduced the chances of killing mafia. I don't understand how strategically not claiming PR would be an advantage to town. Even after I misshot a blue, he THEN hardclaimed cop and allowed himself to be killed and BS hooked. In every way possible, this was playing against his win condition and should be examined seriously. If this is not a violation, I would please like an explanation of how it would not be. Zovea will try to claim my incompetence, but he knowingly made this game challenging through his complete stupidity. Again, I would have decided that PRs needed to hardclaim with 4 total claims. I then would have shot within those claims. By NOT CLAIMING PR, Zovea sabotaged the game because he could not get over the fact that I wanted to shoot D1. This HAS to be at least Trolling, if not GT.
openforGame 7044265almost 5 years
Harassment, continuously said I trolled when I shot as sheriff. Told him to stop. He didn’t.