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over 4 years
You are legit one of my favorite users. Thank you for being awesome and making me laugh with your memes on days I was really depressed. Especially steve memes. NEVER stop the steve memes (ily steve but you are so memeable) :).
Thanks, glad I could make you smile! Thanks for the answer, that also makes me very happy.
anonymousover 4 years
Meme makers stick together forever.
Always <3
about 5 years
<3 I'm sorry I'm not on much
Come more on ;( now i have school and my vacation is over pff
anonymousabout 5 years
Can you get a divorce? ;(
You'll have to ask that to Scar =O
about 5 years
Psst <3 <3 <3 I missed you so much
Same here ;(


20 / 20He's Batman
20 / 20Super Sleuth!
20 / 20I'm Miller, I Swear!
15 / 15New Sheriff in Town
10 / 10Scumhunter
over 4 years
01/07/2019 - 100 k score wow I play this game a lot
over 4 years I lynched a blue that vote blitz cop D1. If that blue hadn't gotten locked on cop I could have stirred the ml towards a hooker fos, instead we got what we got and lost because of those actions.
over 4 years
Thanks for the advice, is this better? I'm still looking so that the avatar and the background match
over 4 years
you should, like, probably upload your avis as png instead of jpg cos the quality aint looking so hot rn
over 4 years
Gang Gang Gengar, DAB, i love you my weeb <3 Master townteller
over 4 years
sweep me away x
over 4 years
why thank you
over 4 years
you are great
over 4 years
wow u reached 10k soo fast <3.
over 4 years
You're the best most wonderful~
over 4 years
I don't see admins doing that but ok. So change it to that system you send me with the 4 options.
over 4 years
ugh, I cannot send messages for another 5 min. ... Yeah 8 minor vios is the same as 8 major ones, it has always been the admin's disgression. The admin can just be like, "I'm having a bad day and so are you!" And ban them after 4-6 vios even.
over 4 years
4/06/2019 10k visitors!

Thanks for all the support and friendship I got in these 2 years!
over 4 years
over 4 years
team instinct... i knew we were soulmates
over 4 years
Downvote this if you're a smelly loser
over 4 years
+k for good colors!
almost 5 years

hello mr spookers, i am a big fan of your memes and i hope u r also a big fan of my drawing! remember that waifus are always better than the real deal!