▲i`m woke z Z z
part of  family

I don`t need your respect ⦸

Wanna know how good i am?


don`trust ?️N?1

L?s? Glu??on? G?e?d Sl?t? W??th En?? P?i?e

woooooow, so mysteries -_-

purpose of life ? non

      . . . 

  • tired of wasting time, watching days go by, tic toc e.d.o.c.





◘ - ◘ - ◘ - ◘ - ◘ - ◘ - ◘ - ◘ - ◘ - ◘

i am the oldest child you`ll ever meet, only 21 but my mind is older

Pssamistic asshole but im kind sweet and thoughtful, you want to, but you cant hate me, i make you *angry*, why are you *shaking*? you *love* me, cant avoid me

hiphop rap lofi

surrounded with people but always lonely .!. cold heart hot head

dark edgy prideful stubborn fuck :3 WORDS are meaningless, it is us who determine their power

nothing really matters, everything is meaningless so i chose not to give a fuck, we created god, something created us. #woke

repeating cycle

some of my favorite people


  • #staywoke #drinkmorewater #imsouniqueheheselfawarewomp #imafuckingnerdweebassholeidiotdumbassmoron

i swear im funny

my goal is to make my wall as cringey as possible


about 5 years


10 / 10Scumhunter
16 / 20Super Sleuth!
13 / 20He's Batman
11 / 15New Sheriff in Town
7 / 20I'm Miller, I Swear!
almost 5 years
i miss u 2 ;-;
almost 5 years
Leo brothers!!! < 3
almost 5 years
thank you
almost 5 years
a true alpha <3 +K
about 5 years
Dont worry about taking 4th place in last round i heard that all 3 trophied players used hacks in the end... at least i hope im right, be more yourself in the future maybe thats better than being alpha :D
deletedabout 5 years
my alpha king <3
about 5 years
Lad, choking is a part of the game.


If you want to see a professional choke, look at this one. I was 22-6, MILES ahead of everyone else. I started losing and I kept losing for 4 days straight. Don't let it get to ya, just try and be a little less emotional and you'll smash it! Good luck!
about 5 years
i am sorry everyone, i don`t deserve anything, i am lucky trash player, who has to rely on ate to win. My emotions got in my way last few days, and i overthinked every thing, i second guess my reads every game and my head was not thinking, i was stressed and pressured for no reason, i didn`t play my usual confident game play. I am a choker and i suck. But oh well, we live and we learn, and next time i`ll come back stronger, and wont repeat the same mistakes. I have to take a break after this. i am consumed by this game, i have to stop for now. Gotta go do something else. Ty for everyone who supported me. ily. cya next run.
about 5 years
win this trophy so the alpha fam can go back to back
about 5 years
Come on, young one. Snatch a fancier trophy than that rusty bronze filth.
about 5 years
Your turning into pro player!!!!!!
about 5 years
YoZoY i'm looking to recruit myself into a family and i am interested in becoming an alpha. please consider my application and know that i come with bling

thank u
about 5 years
+k to 4
about 5 years
Getchyo aśs in the NoaviFam
about 5 years
Dude stop getting so heated ima melt D:
about 5 years
@superspooky i already bought one. How do you think i turned alpha in one day?
and i gotta say the results are amazing!
10/10 no one bullies me around like they use to
i have more confidence, i`m bigger, smarter, faster and i beat up nerds when they tell me i`m wrong, and i`m never wrong
thanks tyler1 very cool hehe xd
about 5 years
Buy your yozoy now :D
over 5 years
+K for you my friend!