We Alpha U Beta Cuck


? A ntagonist L oud F earless nnoying (ง'̀-'́)ง

toixc, cool, smart, intelligent, sexy, hot, also best players.
We don`t tolerate bullshit, call you out on your beta cuck behavior no room for soft snowflakes



We are just a little bit older, plus a whole lot wiser

We might advise ya, or i might pulverize ya

almost 5 years
hey everyone!
We will have alpha only games sometimes in the future, cant promise when, but it will happen. Will pm you all when it does <3
Luv yall
almost 5 years
If it's still happening I'd be down.
almost 5 years
Hey, Me and Robson came up with an idea to have a game, but only alpha's. aka people in this fam. we need 9 people ofc. PM me if you're in. DiSoRiEnTeD#1611. Or PM me on EM
almost 5 years
almost 5 years
(ง'̀-'́)ง ?
about 5 years
i would like to thank ever single one of you! WE are building an empire
about 5 years
can u add me