part of  family



almost 5 years
How have you been? Have not seen you in a long time
Work has been crazy, so I had to focus on some other things. But I am back!
anonymousover 5 years
You are a garbage player, self delete
Who dis?
anonymousalmost 6 years
Request my unban or more trophies will be snatched.
I have no idea what you're talking about. I have no trophies.
anonymousover 6 years
how old are you
about 8 years
you alive?
I am...just busy!


30 / 30Oxyclean
25 / 25Explosion!
20 / 20Super Sleuth!
20 / 20I'm Miller, I Swear!
20 / 20Do No Harm
over 4 years
thru thick and thin i will be here
to lift your spirit high cus our love will never die
over 4 years
Haven't seen you in forever. Where you been? Am i just picking bad times?
(Validor btw)
about 5 years
Rightwing is a for reporting me. Everyone else voted u but u only report me. Why?
over 5 years
Nightwing8782 taught me the importance of counting
deletedover 5 years
+k i feel so special every time you gun me :')
almost 6 years
where have you been
almost 6 years
+k i feel so special every time you gun me :')
almost 6 years
Oh baby crying... mum will hug you soon :)
almost 6 years
I can talk again!
about 6 years
I hope you are doing well buddy
over 6 years
K+ <3 gay
over 7 years
+k so you feel better for getting rekt.
almost 8 years
you dead?
almost 8 years
Destroyed me in a game with a smile, and made me question my faith in humanity 11/10 would play with again
deletedalmost 8 years
mad coz bad
about 8 years
thank you
over 8 years
i want to play with you<3
over 8 years
+K because family =)
over 8 years
ty sweetheart <3
over 8 years
Also in hindsight your hammer was pretty clutch