A Faraway Utopia
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Im Obviously not scum, so why do you ask?

League of Legends: Na Server : DarkSarynade Hearthstone: Sarynade #1827

Just a fan of the simple things and master of the endless waltz, to the end we shall serenade.



anonymousover 9 years
are u gay
I'm a very happy person :)
anonymousover 9 years
stop cheating in comp
how am i cheating?
deletedover 9 years
are u a boy


25 / 25Explosion!
20 / 20Super Sleuth!
20 / 20Do No Harm
20 / 20I'm Miller, I Swear!
20 / 20Clint Eastwood
deletedover 6 years
you and shmeur are gonna be in the leaderboard soon
about 7 years
+k for being gr8 maf
almost 9 years
about 9 years
Merry Christmas Senor!
over 9 years
congrats and good job on getting gold mate
over 9 years
gratz on the gold. youve gotten very good now that you dont afk every game =]
deletedover 9 years
so unbelievable~ Congrats on gold, btw.
deletedover 9 years
gratz on gold unsus, you are a boy.
over 9 years
congratulations, you've finally won what was definitely too far overdue and you definitely deserved it
over 9 years
congrats on the gold and almost 100k!
deletedover 9 years
Congratulations, outplayed us all.
deletedover 9 years
Finally!!! Congrats
deletedover 9 years
super. super. super. craaaazy. I still kind of just don't believe it.
deletedover 9 years
O_O craaaazyyy
deletedover 9 years
oh what. is Love telling the truth?
deletedover 9 years
you're a dude o_o
over 9 years
ur profile song is gd
almost 10 years
look at this nerd.
deletedabout 11 years
Could I get a kudos please? :)

I thought it was good play..
about 11 years
+k'd because all of these negs on you seem unfair