Consider this a privilege. You have been chosen. You are going to participate in a game. The Nonary Game. It is a game... where you will put your life on the line.
married to someone gone
part of  family

Several members were asked to finish a sentence: "Love or hate Burn, one must concede that he is..."

These are their answers.

psychedelia: "BURN"

Luriel: "not self conscious and have to ask others opinions of him"

Satan: "kinda ok"

Snaxer: "awesome" "?"

yachi: "a turn.............OFF"

Idevs: "AWESOME"

blazehawk: "Blazing because he is also a fire type"

Kishu: "a silly"

nicoleyrenaa: "um" "sexy"

MobfiaBoss: "young boy, son of a gunsmith, who strive for the life of a gentleman" "only to face the political upheavals of society"

BadSeed: "that he is in agreement that BadSeed is pretty cool"

Novae: "no comment"

omgskittles: "you are......" "idk" "lol"

Thant: "awesome"

krista: "umm" "sweet"

KipperKing: "ineffable"

codeslicer: "a wanker!"

Krymmzon: "Burnmad"

loopy: "BALD"

Kadian: "Very MAd" "xD"

Ashllyn: "ADORBS"

badtwsgoody: "......sexy"


KanaThePikachu: "I'll K+ you if you add me onto that list of yours."


SeanDon: "Hung like a moose"

Aurous: "On FIRE!"

note: "( ͡° ͜ʖʖ ͡°)"

Shwartz99: "A Coco's Epic Player"

DeliciousMango: "deez nuts"

argentina01: "amazing and I miss him a lot <3"

Llamafishcat: "A PIZZA"

QtieBear: "a weeb"

Rain: "a pizza s***"



deletedalmost 9 years
will you marry me yet
almost 9 years
I wanna +K again so I'm -K'ing you and +K'ing you.
Thanks, I think?
almost 9 years
What happened to your spouse?
She self-deleted. ;_;
about 9 years
i love you. bye.
Thanks! But, I, uh... who are you?
deletedabout 9 years
.( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).
(.)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)(.)


20 / 20Clint Eastwood
10 / 10Death Row
16 / 20Super Sleuth!
10 / 20He's Batman
5 / 20I'm Miller, I Swear!
over 6 years
Legendary player. I'll be there when you return.
over 6 years
Burnmad :((
over 7 years
Nice, what are you studying?
over 7 years
I'm doing fine, just a bit stressed atm because of school. I'm afraid I'm almost failing math and physics XD

Anyway how is life!?!?
over 7 years
Burnmad omg hello o:

How are you!?
almost 8 years
+ k for u my dear one
deletedover 8 years
I think your birthday was a little while ago, if I remember correctly. December 19th? Maybe? 11th? so happy birthday, I miss you tons.
over 8 years
Where are you Burnmad =(
deletedover 8 years
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) are you already 18?
deletedover 8 years
burny come back.
deletedover 8 years
deletedover 8 years
Burn I misssss you. Where are you? ;-; </3
over 8 years
WAi you leave me? :((((
over 8 years
Burnmad, where are you? ;__;
deletedalmost 9 years
"Love or hate Burn, one must concede that he is amazing and I miss him a lot <3''.
deletedalmost 9 years
"Love or hate Burn, one must concede that he is..." deez nutz
deletedalmost 9 years
+k Murnbad :3
almost 9 years
"Love or hate Burn, one must concede that he is..." A Coco's Epic Player
almost 9 years
whaaat never karama'd you +K for being obvious scum hehe (:
deletedalmost 9 years
"Love or hate Burn, one must concede that he is..." ( ͡° ͜ʖʖ ͡°)