• If no lynching, chooses one target at the end of the day.
  • The target will be visited by the Jailer and jailed at night.
  • The target will be immune to night actions (except driving).
  • The target cannot do any action except write a will.
  • The Jailer and the target can converse at night.
  • The Jailer's identity is not revealed to the target.
  • The Jailer can choose to kill the jailed person. Counts as a visit which can be role blocked.
  • Sided with the village.

In popular setups

Coco's Epic setup. played 42,709 times
Manhunt played 5,312 times
Thriller played 3,117 times
Color Anon Coco's Epic Setup played 1,903 times
Lyncher's Paradise played 750 times
Coco's Epic Mario played 600 times
Thriller played 461 times
Drunk Tank played 371 times
Setup 1117892 played 309 times
Rest in Peace played 296 times

Available Achievements

Death Row (10)
You killed a mafia in the jail during the night and did not kill any innocents!
over 7 years
If Jailer gets bread, Jailer should be able to give one to their prisoner (if they choose so).
over 8 years
Gator can jail jailer
almost 10 years
If the mafia kills the jailer and jailer selects to jk, does the jail kill still occur? Could the answer to this question be made more specific in the rules?
deletedover 11 years
What the fuck? Mafia/Killer forced nl in a game but Jailor couldn't jail! It didn't come up since the odds were tied. 2-2 and I didn't get the option to jail.
about 13 years
Look! A jailer is in the setup! Now we will NL every time to maximize the odds! To get less MLs and allow prs to claim to clears, we will make the game depend on one person! Sounds "Great".
deletedabout 13 years
"Jailers can choose to kill jailed person." :-( i am real dislike
over 13 years
yay, im teh best jailer evar!!!!
deletedover 13 years
deletedalmost 14 years
deletedabout 14 years
lets admit, jailer is win
about 14 years
Supper fancy-tastic~