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openover 4 yearsfor Game 7045913 hipfired and lost town the game
over 4 years
Cuz I was wrong, I discussed with some people about it to be sure how it was for this setup.
over 4 years
imagine deleting all your own
over 4 years
I talked about it and it's hipfire it's just unfortunate that I'm taking the hit while so much people hipfired in this setup over a long period of time and a lot of people will remain unpunished for it.

At least it's cleared out now and I'll try to make people aware of it.

coldielox get off my thanks please stop stalking me and leave me alone
over 4 years
I am pretty sure there HAVE been many announcements all about how hipfiring IS against the rules in a ranked or comp game... being a role mod, one would think you knew this already....