in love with 
part of  family

me, a trophied player

i will lead this town to victor


20 / 20He's Batman
20 / 20Super Sleuth!
15 / 15New Sheriff in Town
10 / 10Scumhunter
10 / 30Oxyclean
almost 5 years
Imagine us

Trophy players

Dominating EM

Best Power Couple

Best ATE best Scum Hunting players
You, Hot, Me, Manly

Imagine... Running over scrubs while drinking whine and laughing at their despair .

We both love each other but we are so cold hearted, and will never admit our feelings.

They don`t want us together, we would be too powerful, unstoppable. They Fear us, but they respect us.

imagine sitting in our palace with all our trophies, and all our loyal servants who obey us.

unfortunately if we ever end up being together, the earth would split, volcanoes would erupt, Sea floor would rise, ice would melt, meteors would crush and blow everything in existence.

But we would survive, and then, we would conquer space it self and the whole universe, eventually becoming gods and then ending it all, cus nothing we create would be as perfect as us.
almost 5 years
+k love ur toxicity
about 5 years
I heard we're the same person
about 5 years
gg, you were so sexy this game <3
about 5 years
Meme account confirmed. :doge:
about 5 years
is this the new meme?
about 5 years
Its cute that you have time to post on my profile but you don't have time to respond to the reports against you.
about 5 years
nice avi right? i coloured it myself it used to be a different shade of green which was sickly looking. You're welcome.
about 5 years
+k cause everyone seems to hate u
about 5 years

Link to the game to prove Lucy is just salty she lost and because she's not as hot as me. Take that salt elsewhere ty.
about 5 years
extremely toxic player and a confirmed catfish
very unpleasant to play with
over 5 years
FifthElement how about you stop stalking me and get yourself a gf you virgin loser.
over 5 years
Hi jealouslut,

Upload another photo of "yourself", prove me wrong
over 5 years
feel sorry for ya, get some help guy
over 5 years
imagine having friends, this post was made by Kamari. Toxic catfish sludge, watch out.
over 5 years
Really bad player
deletedover 5 years
toxic player
over 5 years
over 5 years
this guy = just a virgin loser catfishing
over 5 years
Trash tier player who refuses to take any personal accountability for their own bad play.