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openabout 5 yearsfor Game 7044892
Gamethrow. Voted no one d1 when I never claimed to be hammering.

I literally said "oh what are we doing." and voted no one to give IOIIIIOI. He then voted no one a solid 5 seconds after he saw me nl.

If I was hammering why would I have voted before him. If he was giving me hammer he would've voted long before the timer was going up.
about 5 years
I did not have the hammer. I never CLAIMED to be hammering. I said "what are we doing." and then voted no one to give u hammer.

You voted a solid 5 seconds after I did.
Go look at timestamps.
about 5 years
you are blind, you had the hammer and you nl'ed right before me, so now shut up and get over it like I said before