openforGame 7043967over 4 years
GT. Shot our one cc as mafia to make it auto
openforGame 7043921over 4 years
ISP. I asked him if he was vested or not for 10 minutes and he deliberately ignored the question. Mafia knows who was hooked n1 and if sheriff was vested. Refusing to say whether you received a vest is trolly/gamethrowing behavior.
"Not participating sufficiently over the course of a game and/or an undefined period of time when addressed by another player"
openforGame 7043883over 4 years
gt claimed cop as ungunned blue, they know blue shouldn't rxn if ungunned
GT. straight gave up and outed as maf in non auto
Admits to GT. Claims as hooker when mafia was not in auto-loss because he was mad a different hook was recommended n1.

Plz refund