Epicmafia Enhancement Suite125

The46mon 9d

I am excited to announce the first official release of the

Epicmafia Enhancement Suite,

a Chrome extension that brings together many of the various scripts I have made to improve user experience and productivity on Epicmafia, in addition to adding extension-exclusive features like desktop notifications for private messages. The scripts included are

  • ActionSearch - Allows for quickly searching the moderator actions

  • AutoRefresh - Refreshes the game list regularly while you're in the lobby

  • Clippy - An intelligent assistant that understands natural English. Press Alt+C to show or hide him. Ask him for help to see what he can do.

  • CompMatch - See percentages of which players have played together in a competition round

  • CustEM - A script generously provided by Floor that adds more display options to the lobby

  • Don't Autoplay Videos - Prevents profile videos from autoplaying

  • emConsole - Allows you to perform many common EM actions from a text console for maximum efficiency. Press Ctrl + ~ to show the console and type help to see a list of commands. Press ~ while the console is open to refocus your cursor on the console after clicking away.

  • emjack - A well-known script made by Foxie that adds many useful features, commands, and shortcuts to games of mafia. EES functions similarly to Tampermonkey in that it regularly grabs the latest version of Foxie's emjack from greasyfork.

  • emNote - Adds a tab to the top left of your screen that allows you to write and autosave notes

  • ForumTracker - Gives the option to track forum topics and receive desktop notifications when there are new posts. Click the Track at the top of a topic you want to track.

  • ScumHelp - Mark in-game messages green or red with Alt+G+Click or Alt+R+Click, respectively. Alt+Click clears the marking.

Having all of these scripts compiled together in one extension where users can toggle the individual features on and off should increase availability to the playerbase and make future development easier.

If you have any suggestions or bug complaints, feel free to post them here or send them via PM.

EnamoredMar 17, 2018
Shwartz99Dec 7, 2018
croned can you fix this so that we can play in games again
TheDec 7, 2018
It's an easy fix, but you'll have to get permission from Lucid since he likes to try, to no avail, to stop the client from manipulating the socket connection.
SteelixMegaDec 7, 2018
Hope this guy doesn't turn into lailai
SteelixMegaJan 9, 2020
this has 3 million views
Favorite feature of EES