⛅ Monthly Banner209

cub43mon 29d

Every month starting now there will be a new lobby banner picked from this thread. Share your lobby banners here

Banners are exactly 307 x 80 pixels! Any size works, but it'll be squished to fit

deletedJan 3, 2020
deletedJan 3, 2020
i was gonna delete that post but i'm no longer able to so now it will exist forever i guess
what a gamer moment
AlyssaJan 3, 2020
let me help you with that :)
appleApr 5, 2020
sakurabox please use
AlyssaApr 5, 2020
That's perfect omg ty
Shwartz99Apr 26, 2020!

oh yeah and while making this i found a bunch of seamless background possibilities at https://cooltext.com/Textures (i think they require a bit of cropping but they should be tileable!)
AlyssaAug 25, 2020
CoffeedittoAug 25, 2020!
i really like that banner of alyssa's
AlyssaSep 1, 2020
What kind of banner do you like?