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BEFORE you file a report against anybody, please read the rules page thoroughly:

A syllabus for filing reports:

I’m reporting for: Cheating/Trolling/Gamethrow etc.

Brief description: Reported Player did X when Y happened

It happened at: N1/D3/at 4:12

In game: You can report a player right after the game ended by clicking on their name, going to Report tab and writing your description. If you want to report later/have to collect evidence you can always file a report by going to tab Round, Reports, and then manually file a report on the right sidebar. Remember to copy paste the player’s name you want to report, since all upper/lowercase matter.

Main Lobby

  • Insufficient Participation is lightly enforced in this Lobby. Since this liberation was introduced so new players can get used to the game, and are not punished for being overwhelmed and not talking, experienced players will STILL RECIEVE A VIOLATION for ISP.
  • On a side note: Faking AFK or using Insufficient Participation in order to be lynched as Fool is considered Trolling.
  • NO REFUNDS in Red Heart games in this Lobby.Exception can be made by moderator discretion. Gold Heart games will only be refunded if the loss is inevitable due to the violation issued.

Other Lobbies

  • These Lobbies are only moderated for Community violations.

Unranked games are moderated for Community Violations only.

> Reporting a user:

  1. If a non-mod site user wants to file a report for a violation, they must do so within 7 days of the game or rule breaking.
  2. Please include what rule violation happened according to you: „I’m reporting because Reported Player threw our game when he…”
  3. The report must contain a description of alleged offence and a day/timestamp it occurred. E.g.: „Reported player was continuously fakeclaiming cop and that disrupted our gameplay on D2/ starting at 8:43/ at 8:43, 9:12, 10:15, 12:32 etc..”
  4. If you want your game refunded (Gold Heart game) please ask in the report you are filing. For more information please visit:
  5. If you report for violations which are not tied to one game, but are most likely throughout games/forums by their nature (i.e. Lobby Camping/Trolling, Cheating, and Community violations e.g. Harassment), please provide all games/threads (preferably full, not cropped screenshots).
  6. If the report doesn’t contain all necessities, id est: game link, brief description of alleged offence, day it occurred/timestamp, then it will be closed. If you fail to provide them all when filing, you may add it in a comment before it’s closed.
  7. Repeatedly filing reports which lead to no violation will be handled as Report Spam.

> Appealing:

  1. If a non-mod site user wants to file an appeal for a report, they must do so within 7 days of the report being closed.
  2. If you insult moderators in appeals, they will be closed
  3. Appeals must report the moderator who moderated your report, begin with an [Appeal] bracket; contain a link to the original report, and an explanation regarding how you believe the report should have been handled.
  4. One moderator can sustain an appeal; two moderators can overturn an appeal. This is because the original moderators’ verdict is still counted in a best of three situation.
  5. You cannot appeal for a note to be changed to no violation.
  6. You cannot appeal an appeal unless the violation has changed.
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