Lobby Background Suggestions75

Shwartz9939mon 1d

Dooze asked the community to suggest new backgrounds for the lobby so I made this thread to discuss ideas.

General guidelines for backgrounds:

  • Make sure the backgrounds are seamless
  • Avoid watermarks
  • Avoid crazy contrasting or bright colors
  • Avoid the color red

Post backgrounds below.

shayneismynameJan 9, 2019
this is also pretty
pickelsJan 25, 2019!

more cats plz
Shwartz99Jan 25, 2019
if anyone has a valentines-day type background i could use that for february
deletedMar 22, 2019
Get ready.

<---dooze theme

tried to stick with purple/night sky theme cuz of the current banner, and also i have no clue if any of these have already been recommended lawl
doozeMar 26, 2019
doozeMar 26, 2019

I was saving these for a custom lobby one day but you're welcome to use them if they're ever fitting.
deletedMar 26, 2019!
Houndstooth is one everyone can agree on.
AlyssaJun 7, 2019
Could use a bump. Would love to see any that are pride themed and beach themed for the summer!
quasimodoJun 28, 2019
this background you currently have hurts my brain so much its so bright and i am in pain and i cant figure out how to hide it please god help me
AlyssaJun 28, 2019
Open to suggestions :)
Emily2001Jun 29, 2019

Emily2001Jun 29, 2019!

deletedMay 29, 2020
dooze! really like your backgrounds.
quasimodoMay 29, 2020
make the background a picture of my butt
spartaaaaMay 29, 2020
Pls remove any bright backgrounds, this comment have nothing to do about the comment above me