classic emjack240

cub51mon 25d

strangely still works

post bugs/suggestions/etc. here

  • auto boxes / kick
  • auto name+role in will (/autowill to toggle)
  • keep chatbox open at night
  • marks your mafies
  • makes clickable links
  • optional images in chat (type /fmt)
  • /help for more info
  • /afk to toggle afk
  • /icons [classic] to toggle classic role icons
  • /ping [all] to ping players who haven't voted or everyone
  • /kick [name] to kick someone
  • /vote [name] to vote someone
  • /shoot [name] to shoot someone
  • /join [host] to join an open 12p game or host if none exist
  • /host [title] to host current setup with optional title
  • /games to see some games
  • /f [sysmessage] [data] to forge system messages since everyone does it
  • /fs [sysmessage] [data] to do that and send it (/f just prints it)

and more

vom53Dec 14, 2018
Thank you cub for these features!
deletedDec 15, 2018
Shwartz99Dec 15, 2018
small bug:

the X is your partner message and marking done in a game with infiltration start marks everyone as mafia, because lucid already added the system message you can probably just delete it from emjack
cubDec 15, 2018
removed conflicting features (name voting and autofocus) in
bobDec 20, 2018!
suggestions :

/filter Name Name Name

enable "speechfilter" option....

then speech_filter('username') for every username (space delimited.)

/filter (with no names)

disables "speechfilter" option, or maybe clears every speech_filter checkbox, idk. They both have the same effect


I think that the following features would also be nice:

/curses - replaces the names of various fruits (apple / nectarine / strawberry / mandarin / plum / etc etc) with various vulgar words or "sh!t"


/bgm - toggles background music option


/ts - toggles the "show timestamps?" option
cubDec 21, 2018
i just updated emjack with a multiplayer minigame concept using kucode

it's made for pregame and should only be available pregame but i have not tested it because it's 3 am im just posting it now to demonstrate pregame minigames and proof of concept or whatever

if you want emjack to be stable don't update yet
cubJan 8, 2019!
• removed a lot of junk
integrated graphical mode into sidebar during pregame
• added role icon description tooltips
• added /cry [message]
• added /con [role] [message]
• added /vent [name] [message]
• changed /role [role OR username]
• marks user roles for mason, templar, mafia, cultist, cyborg, zombie
• readded autofocus
• fixed vote count and stuff
• converted some dom thingies to jquery
gameshowmasterJan 8, 2019!
Hey cub, a while back someone made a script that can recreate a setup in the game creator to make edits etc to it. If I find it again do you think you could add it?

Edit: found it
cubJan 8, 2019!

i don't want to just put every em script into emjack though, it's just supposed to be for in-game

give more attention to other userscripts like that one
shayneismynameJan 10, 2019!
um is emjack broken? I cant change to classic icons or type at night
shayneismynameJan 12, 2019
Cub pls come back. I'm lost without my classic icons.
works fine for me
69Jan 28, 2019
using /icons doesn't work for me
Shwartz99Mar 28, 2019
small bug but having EM vocab in a url (nl, omgus, etc) will break links
shayneismynameMar 28, 2019
What kind of url has omgus in it?
spartaaaaMar 29, 2019
I miss emjack
aerofloodJun 1, 2019
Hosting setup#1409806...
aeroflood has left
You've got error!
JSON.parse: unexpected character at line 1 column 1 of the JSON data
aerofloodJun 1, 2019 that worked earlier but now it doesn't work :3
aerofloodJun 1, 2019!
as i know u can use
ranked(setup id,0 if unranked 1 if ranked 2 if comp, 'password' or null if no password, false if no video true if yes video, anon deck number or null if no anon deck);
but idk how to add it to script
beansoulJun 8, 2020
How do you use fake system messages

lucid killed my cat

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