classic emjack245

cub57mon 9d

strangely still works

post bugs/suggestions/etc. here

  • auto boxes / kick
  • auto name+role in will (/autowill to toggle)
  • keep chatbox open at night
  • marks your mafies
  • makes clickable links
  • optional images in chat (type /fmt)
  • /help for more info
  • /afk to toggle afk
  • /icons [classic] to toggle classic role icons
  • /ping [all] to ping players who haven't voted or everyone
  • /kick [name] to kick someone
  • /vote [name] to vote someone
  • /shoot [name] to shoot someone
  • /join [host] to join an open 12p game or host if none exist
  • /host [title] to host current setup with optional title
  • /games to see some games
  • /f [sysmessage] [data] to forge system messages since everyone does it
  • /fs [sysmessage] [data] to do that and send it (/f just prints it)

and more

No0neKnowsOct 13, 2020
what happened to christopherzilla
spaceOct 14, 2020
what happened to christopherzilla
YIFFYlFFOct 14, 2020
he's making babies (cant confirm)
sl0ndermanOct 14, 2020
He’s currently going pro in among us
tigermomOct 14, 2020!
I've been on em for close to 6 years now and always though installing emjack on firefox was impossible. Today it took me 1.5 minute to do it. Either I've become smarter or I'm very stupid in my assessment of technology...

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