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861wins684losses36left yo host this junk it's super fun

Hey, if you're reading this then most likely i'm in a game with you and you felt the need to check my profile. Don't worry, i'm probably doing the same to you.

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anonymousabout 5 years
What are some of your short or long term goals at the moment?
That's a hell of a deep question. I guess short term I just want to really discover myself and figure out who I am, and long term I want to better myself and become someone I can truly be happy about.
about 5 years
Can you give me karma?


20 / 20Super Sleuth!
20 / 20He's Batman
10 / 10Scumhunter
9 / 15New Sheriff in Town
9 / 30Oxyclean
deletedover 6 years
+k because yous a babes<3 thnx for caring hun
over 6 years
good luck this round!!!
deletedover 6 years
Good morning MCPO, I am C/PO3 Guiser standing by for inspection, sir.
about 8 years
If you tell pi that you're here on his ForumVivor I'll +k you. :)
over 8 years
+k'd :3
over 8 years
you are awesome :)
over 8 years
+k that I never did for coming in 4th so I could get it x) <3
over 8 years
honestly i can't get over your username