dooze's master list of setups18

dooze30mon 29d

since we can somehow only pin 2 at a time instead of 5, I'm putting all good setups here. Comment or PM me your submissions!

sandbox-eque setups: closed roles, 12 person unless otherwise noted

nontypical setups:

sh^ts and giggles:

GolbolcoJan 22, 2018!
Shwartz99Jan 22, 2018
Hey this is good! Adding this to Important Threads!

Also, here are two of my setups which I think are playable in Sandbox:
logan5124Jan 22, 2018 Just why?:
moonlightsealFeb 10, 2018
Some setups (Most from me):

3v1v1v7 version 1

3v1v1v7 version 2 (custom roles before it died - dog works correctly in this one)



Casino Royale (Gambles and 2 shooters)

Casino challenge level M (Gambles and Mason)

Casino challenge level T (Gambles and Tricksterer)
gameshowmasterFeb 10, 2018

This setup is all roles that can either kill or cause death (including gunning roles). All maf roles have another way to kill besides the regular maf kill. Should make for a somewhat shorter game.
Jacobjohn2Apr 26, 2018
How about Transmogrification Central:
ParudoksApr 29, 2018
Bring back Parubox
VoltaApr 30, 2018
All you need is Parubox and a Superior 5AM Setup
shayneismynameAug 2, 2018
Should update this now since 12p games dont fill anymore
TreeAug 3, 2018
where is my setup of anarchs, 0/10
righti0Feb 4, 2019
It's a setup where old maids make you question everything you know;
oldmaidenApr 1, 2020
doozeApr 2, 2020
doozeApr 7, 2020
Updating the list! Message me with setups to include
bryce1997May 3, 2020
omg big fan!!
plz include one with no cops :)
ArticMay 3, 2020

12p setups w no cops, there are probably more But Dunno Lol
thanks king