Hochiminh city, Vietnam
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Of course, no irl friend cares about me enough to read those shit:

1.Im male, so pls use "he"

2.Except when I want to quit the game, I won't start the lynch on myself, even as baker or virgin

3.When you join my games, look at the setup, I usually use custom roles and troll setups a lot

4.I usually try to make the game as fun as possible.I veg a lot too. my mistake

5.Secretly I despise myself, my past, my look and my character in general.

6.Thanks for karma guys. And also fuck u, keld

7.I used to look like a cute little girl :3

8.If you have MAL account, pls tell me

9.Heres my Facebook page.

10.If someday I die, no matter if I suicide or not, please dont cry or even feel bad about it, just move on and take my life as an example.I will write some blogs about bad things I did soon


anonymousabout 5 years
whiny bitch
anonymousabout 5 years
I bet you're friends with Athena.
No. Sorry
anonymousabout 5 years
Staming is Nynite irl.
Staming is me irl
anonymousabout 5 years
Please, stop farting
But but
about 5 years
Im ok. For now


10 / 10Death Row
3 / 20He's Batman
1 / 20I'm Miller, I Swear!
1 / 20Super Sleuth!
over 4 years
Hi person I will probably never get to meet. Here's a +K, come back someday :3

(see it even rhymes)
almost 6 years
why havent i +k'ed you before
almost 6 years
thank you :)
about 6 years
du ma nuoc mam
about 6 years
+k because you visited my profile
about 6 years
about 6 years
+k for also hosting big lobby games :)
over 6 years
<3 <3 <3
over 6 years
deletedover 6 years
this is late
but glad to know you're okay
over 6 years
Hey man glad you're ok
deletedover 6 years
no need to thank us! we love you, man
over 6 years
I guess one of the things has been settled right now
I lost a part of myself. Hard
But it is a good sign. I guess
Thanks everyone for supporting me
over 6 years
Hi dude. I hope all is well, or as well as it can be. You are important, and valued, and valid. Whatever it is you're going through you are not alone, and I hate to imagine that you feel that way. Please don't hesitate to talk to me, or really anyone else who has reached out to you. We all really care about you. We all want to see you alive, happy, and healthy. Please, please be okay.
over 6 years
<3 You were one of the first people I met on EM <3
over 6 years
I hope you know that people care about you. You're not alone, a lot of people have been there.
over 6 years
You are not alone in the feeling of desperation and hopelessness. Your mind is playing a cruel trick on you. Try to think of a few things, anything, to be grateful for. That helped me the most in those darkest moments. And just to lighten the mood a bit, here’s a picture of my dog taking a selfie.

over 6 years
Please don't do it. I'm here if you need to talk.
deletedover 6 years
people suck and you probably feel like you suck but you dont and there's so much more anime to watch
over 6 years

What would sandbox be like without moonlightseal, I wonder?

Let's not find out.