New Users: Karma Thread127

rockgirlnikki26mon 23d

Comment, or message me, if you need some +k (karma) on your account.

Be sure to +k other people as well.

Please keep in mind that you will have needed to play, and complete, 10 games or more in order to receive karma from other users

I don't come on every day, but will +k you as soon as possible.

You will know that I did if I upvote your comment here, or respond to your message.

quasimodoMar 17, 2020
pee? pee? pee? pee? pee? pee? pee? pee? pee
jyshuhuiMar 18, 2020
hi im new
MaceeMar 30, 2020
hi uwuw im new
perplexedMar 31, 2020
hi uwuw im new
you gotta play 10 ranked games buddy 🤢
BlaveJun 2, 2020
I have achieved the amount of points required of me to grant karma to other users, yet I do not possess karma myself. Give me karma, and I will give karma back in return if you let me know who you are.
TreeJun 2, 2020
Forgive me if I mess up, I'm new to this site.
VengefulSpiritAug 24, 2020
how do i even karma people