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This is a dedicated thread for users to bounce around and brainstorm on ideas for new roles, items, game mechanics or anything else to improve and build upon our beloved Mafia game.

Back in 2015 Sims made a thread asking if anyone had any ideas for roles since Lucid was looking to make some new ones (found here: That thread's dead now, but it's always good to try to bring the community together and come up with new stuff for the game.

Some of you might know my reputation for designing new roles and my passion for Mafia. EpicMafia is a pretty cool website and can always use some new stuff to spice up and remix the usual game formula, and I know a few of you have ideas of your own.

NOTE: If you're here to complain about Sandbox moderation or the site mods, please don't.

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since imgur's selectively embedding, tinypic's dead, gyazo is paid, puush is puush, and photobucket sucks horse diсk, add more embed options. sharex is basically puush 2.0 so add that. and idk what else is decent
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Reviving this thread.

Does anyone know if Lucid is going to create more roles in the future? Anyway, suggesting and sharing our ideas is fun! So here is my suggestion this time:


It's the town version of a role I thought about in the past.


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