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OK so like I haven't finished all the how-to's because some of them are kind of difficult to explain, but I'll be adding them here as I make them. In addition, there are some games that aren't really complicated enough for an entire thread, but still need some explanation, and I'll include those here.

How to play Go

How to play Battlegrounds

How to play Hearts:

How to play Jotto:

How to play Ghost:

How to play Ratscrew:

How to play Texas Hold'em: (courtesy of my waifu)

How to play Sink (Battleships): (also courtesy of my waifu)

How to play Dice Wars: (courtesy of sensory!)

How to play Draw It: Someone makes a game with a deck of words (can be found from the lobby, or upper right hand corner of game once you've entered)and a specific number of players. Everybody takes turns being the artist. The artist is shown a word that they have to draw, and the other players must guess the word. The other players must guess the word, but there is a 3 second timeout between guesses to prevent spamming. Whoever guesses the word first receives 3 points, and subsequent guesses are 1 point. For every player that guesses correctly, the artist gains one point.

How to play Tiramisu: Every round, there will be a card shown as a topic. You have several cards that only you can see, and you pick which card you think goes best with the topic. Each player takes turns being chef, and the chef gets to pick which card s/he likes best. Winner gets a cookie (point). Player with the most points at the end wins.

How to play Reversi: On your turn, all the places where you can place a chip will light up. Players take turns placing chips. Each player starts off with 2 chips in a square. Every time you place a chip, there must be a direct line between the new chip and one of your old chips. Between these two chips, there must be a solid line of your opponents chips. All of these chips will change to your color. The goal of the game is to have the majority of the board be your color at the end of the game (generally when the board is full). The easiest strategy is to try to place your pieces in the corners, and along the edges.

How to play Cheat: Each player takes turns playing at least one card face down. Must go in order (Ace-2-3-4-5, etc). If you don't have the card, you must bluff and play another card instead. If someone suspects you're bluffing, they can call ***. If they're right, then you take the entire pile. If not, they take the pile.

How to play Liars Dice: I might post a more in-depth how-to for this. Each player starts with 5 dice that only they can see. Each player takes turns placing bets on how many dice are the same value out of everyone's dice(example: two 5's). The number must go up (example: at least three 4's for next bet) but the value does not have to be the same. This goes on until someone calls a bluff or calls spot on. If they call a bluff and they're right, the bluffer loses a die. If they're incorrect, they lose a die. If someone calls spot-on, they are saying that they think the previous bet is, well, spot-on. If they're right, everyone loses a die but them. If not, they lose a die. Whoever has the last die wins.

How to play Chess: If someone wants to make a how-to, I'll post it here. I don't really think I can explain this.

How to play Chinese Checkers: I'll post a better how-to, but basically, you start out with a triangle full of pieces. Your goal is to get ALL of your pieces into the triangle opposite of you. You can do this by jumping any pieces (your own, or your opponents). You can go on jump chains as well (if you jump one piece, and you can jump another from there, you can continue jumping until there are no more places to jump)

How to play Connect 4: Drop pieces until there are 4 of your color in a row. Try to block your opponent.

How to play Crazy 8's: If you've ever played Uno, this is like that, except there are no reverse/+4 cards. You must follow the current suit unless you have a joker (skips next person) or a "crazy 8" (changes suit) or a card of the same value, but a different suit. First person out of cards wins.

How to play Concentration: Find pairs with the same value and suit.

How to play Acrotopia: You will be given a set of letters, and you must type 1 word for each letter, that starts with that letter, in the same order as the original letters. Example: AURY My guess: All Uncles Rather Young. Each players guess is anonymous, and once everyone has submitted, all the players vote on each others guesses. Whoever gets the most points, gets the points for the round. If there's a tie, the points are split evenly.

How to play Checkers: Take all of your opponents pieces by jumping them. Your pieces can only move diagonally, unless jumping a piece. You can only move forward, unless you reach the base line of the opposite side, in which case your piece can move move forward or backward. If you can't move, or all your pieces have been taken, then you're the loser. If nobody can move, it's a draw.


that took a while. I'll update this as more games are implemented, and as I write more how-to's. As always, questions, comments, corrections, concerns are all welcome. Post them below, and if I've made any mistakes, I'll be sure to correct them! :)


LGamesApr 10, 2015
Make a How 2 brute force into private games
deletedApr 10, 2015
How to get into private games: Send the host a private message requesting to join their secret club.
NitroxiumAug 15, 2015!
Why is there no instruction on how to play battle snakes??? Help
FroceAug 15, 2015!
f/uck battle snakes, where is how to play crack the code
EdarkDec 29, 2015
How to reversi: Dont play vs edork or you will lose
Never forget
EdarkMay 21, 2016
How to reversi: Dont play vs edork or you will lose
Never forget
Just remember guys
NathanAug 10, 2016
Is edark this cocky about battle snakes? Because, being honest, it's not hard to beat him in that.
BebopAug 11, 2016
Is edark this cocky about battle snakes? Because, being honest, it's not hard to beat him in that.
EdarkJan 24, 2017
How to reversi: Dont play vs edork or you will lose
Never forgetti
Shwartz99Sep 5, 2017

Hi I'm 39 months late sorry
SteelixMegaSep 30, 2018
Crack the code?
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