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OBJECTIVE OF THE GAME: Figure out your opponents word

Ok so basically, first thing you do is you pick a word. For this how 2, I'll be talking about 5 letter jotto.

Word Requirements:

Must be 5 letters Cannot have the same letter more than once in the word (examples: aPPle, HitcH, dreSS) Cannot be a name The word requirements for your secret word and for your guessing words are the same. Once the game has started, the players will take turns guessing words. The strategy that most find easiest, is to guess words that can be easily changed. This is an example of one players guesses:

Mitch Batch Match Latch Catch The purpose of doing this is to help narrow down which letters are right or wrong. Every time you guess, the game will tell you how many letters (not which ones!) are correct. Below I'll show an example, using the secret word, "Pitch". The number in parenthesis represents how many letters are correct.

(3). Mitch

(3). Batch

(3). Latch

(4). Patch

Mitch tells us that we have 4 of the letters correct. I then changed the 'i' to an 'a' and the game told me that now there was 1 less correct letter, so I know that 'i' is in the word, but 'a' is not. I can mark this down on my cheat sheet, which I'll get to in a second. For latch, I changed the B to an L, and the number stayed the same. This either means that both B and L are in the word, or neither are. For latch, I changed the L to a P, and the number went up. This means there's no L (so there's no B), but there is a P. We now know all the letters of the word. We knew that the 'i' is correct, we know that the 'p' is correct, and we know the the 'b' is INCORRECT, so by going back to our original word and swapping the 'b' with a 'p', we know that all 5 letters are correct (the game will tell you). Sometimes though, this is only half the battle. Depending on the word, it might take you a while to arrange the letters in the right order (it matters!).

Now, how do you remember which letters are in, and which letters are out? Your cheat sheet! Once you're in the game, on the upper right of your screen will be the entire alphabet. Click once for green, twice for red, or three times to reset it.

Now that we've covered the basics, let's move on to common courtesies.

Word unscramblers are cheap. Don't use bad words that no one has ever heard of for your secret word, where's the fun in that? Please don't tab out and leave your opponent waiting. If you're thinking, that's totally cool, but let your opponent know you're still there! Basically, be courteous. I think that about covers it. If you have any questions or critiques, feel free to leave a comment!

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This is how you jotto!