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OBJECTIVE OF THE GAME: Take over the whole board! So in the beginning of the game dice wars will just spit u out with random territories with random dice and even a random turn (which you have to end on your own, by the way). Here's an example (this is a 1v1 game):

First we'll discuss what the number(s) next to your name means.

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As you can see, I have a +14 / 40 next to my name. This means that I have 14 territories and 40 reinforcements. Since I have +14, then random pieces of my dice will grow. The sum of the growth of these dice will always equal 14 as long as I have 14 territories. For example, if I have a 5, 3, 4, 6, 2, and 1 die and I do not attack for one turn, my dice could become 8, 5, 7, 8, 3, and 2. Note that, in game, the distribution of the +14 is completely random. A reinforcement is used when you attack one dice with another and lose. Depending on how many reinforcements you have, instead of staying at one, your die will immediately become 8 or another number.

What is a territory?

A territory is a piece of yours that's on the board which is connected to one or more of your other pieces on the board. If a territory is not connected to any of your other territories, then it does not add to your +#. For example, I have 15 pieces on this board, but I only have +14 because one of them is not touching the others.

How do I make my +# go up?

Through linking! Linking is when you take one piece that isn't touching the others and make a chain so that all of your pieces are connected. Before, I had 15 pieces but one of them wasn't connected, so I only had +14. But if I attack the piece that's separating my one piece from the others, then I can make my +14 go up to +16!

What is a reinforcement?

Sometimes when you attack a dice, you lose (I know, it sucks). And when you lose, your dice goes all the way back to 1 no matter how high it was before. Reinforcements, however, changes that! Let's say I attack a dice and fail and it gets sent back to one but I have reinforcements. When I end my turn, the reinforcements will replenish my one and make it go higher depending on how many reinforcements I have!

How do I make my dice stronger?

Sometimes, you want to attack but your dice are waaaaay to weak. It sucks, right? Well, there's an easy solution to that! And it has to do with the +# I mentioned before. This method is called building, and it's when you simply press the end turn button and allowing the +# to make your dice grow. Remember that the amount your dice grow will always equal to your #, so if you only have a +1, then building will be very, very slow.

Well now that I know this, how the heck do I take over the board?

You take over the board via attacking and taking other opponents pieces! You attack by pressing one of your territories and then by clicking an adjacent territory (aka they have to touch). When you attack, you can either lose or win. You should always attack from high dice to low dice that way, you have a better chance at winning! If I attack a 2 dice with a 4 dice, then I have a better chance at winning and claiming that 2 dice for myself (heh). If I attack a 4 dice with a 2 dice, then I have a better chance at losing and my dice might go back to being a 1 dice. If you attack a 5 dice with another 5 dice, then there's a 50 percent chance that you win. When you attack a piece and win, then the piece you used to attack will go back to one and the piece you attacked will become 1 less than your original piece. This sounds pretty confusing, so here's a labeled picture.

With that being said, those are the basics that you need to know in order to play the game and (hopefully) succeed! Below are some tips I suggest you follow if you want to win.

Although it doesn't seem like it, the placement and turn you start with are very important! For example, if you start out with random pieces that aren't connected and go last, you will most likely lose. If you start out with pieces in a corner that are connected and go first, you have a better chance of winning. I suggest linking all of your pieces together at the beginning and then building. Make alliances! An alliance is when you partner up with someone and agree not to attack each other and instead work together to take down other players. In the start of the game, try to be as neutral as possible. That way you won't incur a wrathful vengeance upon yourself and you won't get rekt later on in the game. Literally become a politician. Lie, deceive your partners, play them like a fiddle. Lies and deceit are your best keys to winning the game. Also, try to manipulate people into doing your dirty work, that way they can weaken themselves and you can blitz them once you're strong enough.

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