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Go is one of the top games in eastern Asia, so it might be something good to learn. The goal of the game is to surround an area of the board with the stones and collect points at the end of the game. To do this each player, starting with black, will place a stone on an intersection of lines. As you place more stones on the board, you will create areas which you will claim to be your own territory. There are also chances to claim your opponents territory by surrounding all of their stones. In doing so, you will capture all of their stones, and claim that area. At the end of the game, those stones will count as negative points for your opponent. The game ends when every relevant move has been made, and both players pass.

To avoid getting your stones captured, you need to make eyes. An eye is a position on the board in which if your opponent would place a stone there, it would be considered captured by your stones. Be aware, if your territory does not have at least two eyes in it, the eye you have in the area would be considered a false eye. A false eye is called this for if an opponent's stone would be placed there, the territory may still be surrounded on all sides by your opponent's attack, and your stones will be considered captured. So it's a wise idea to have 2+ eyes in your area.

Scoring: At the end of the game each person will be scored on the area in which they surround, minus the number of stones lost throughout the game. Some stones that are surrounded by enemy territory, but do not have stones touching them, will be considered captured, and taken off their owner's points.

The rules of the game are simple, but will take a long time to master. This is one of few games that is hundreds of years old, and has yet to be broken by computers. It's so complex that the strongest computers still will lose at a consistent rate to the strongest players today.

YHWHJan 28, 2017
since the time this was posted Go has been mastered by computers.

btw message me if you ant to play go sometime :D
FsalkerJan 29, 2017
since the time this was posted Go has been mastered by computers.

btw message me if you ant to play go sometime :D
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