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ok tbh it's really easy once u know the basics



  • Flip: use spacebar to flip a card. this is how you play.

  • Slap: use enter to slap the cards if there's a double, or a sandwich (assuming sandwich is on). Slapping gives you the whole pile, if done correctly. If you slap and you're wrong, you lose 3. First person to slap gets the pile. (Note: I'm not sure if this is a bug, but if the players slap at the exact same time, no one gets the pile)

  • Sandwich: if there's a sandwich (example: 2-3-2) you can slap

  • Double: if there's 2 cards of the same value played (suit doesn't matter)

  • Take: if you win the pile, you can use enter or shift to collect your winnings.


When it's your turn to start, you will play a card. Players take turns flipping cards until someone flips a face card, or there's a slap (double or sandwich). Once someone plays a face card, the next person has somewhere between 1-4 chances to flip a face card (depends on the value of the card, I will specify below). If they do not flip a face card, then the player that originally played the face card takes the pile. If they DO play a face card, then the cycle starts over with the next player, until someone fails to flip a face card.

If you're playing with 2 people, then the first person to reach 0 cards is the loser. However, if there's more than 2 people, then even if you have reached 0 cards, you can slap back in. (It hasn't been specified, but it seems like you have about 4 chances to slap back in, feel free to correct me in the comments)

Values of the face cards:

  • Ace: Flip 4 cards (4 chances to flip a face card)
  • King: Flip 3 cards (3 chances to flip a face card)
  • Queen: Flip 2 cards (2 chances to flip a face card)
  • Jack: Flip 1 card (1 chance to flip a face card)

Side notes

  • While there are buttons to do all the actions, it's much faster to use the keyboard shortcuts, and ratscrew tends to go fairly quickly.

  • In- game it says to use backspace to slap, but it doesn't work for me, which is why I said enter instead.

  • In the upper right hand corner of the box with the cards played, it will tell you how many cards you have left to play if a face card has been played.

Alright, well, if you have any more questions, I'm happy to answer, or if you have any corrections, I will edit this.

HoodApr 25, 2014
This is very informative, nice work ariel.
coldieloxApr 25, 2014
very well laid out, thank you!!! i will now save this link on my profile!! <3
adminApr 25, 2014
Lol nice. This was my favorite card game as a kid
ArieIApr 29, 2014
ratscrew best game
hitoDec 9, 2017
i want to screw a rat
SteelixMegaJan 2, 2019
I haven't lost this game irl in 2 years.
davidAug 30, 2019
Favorite Game?