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Objective of the game:KEEP UR WORD SECRET

but not too secret. There are 4 roles in Ghost.

  • Ghost (basically mafia)
  • Villager (town)
  • Fool
  • Host (Makes the game and chooses the words, can't actually play)

The description of each role that is given when you create a Ghost game is actually pretty good (I have slightly edited the descriptions just to fit)

Villagersare given the word ghosts have to guess. Their job is to give hints about the word, without making it too obvious, or too blunt.

Fools are given a separate word, not knowing they are a fool. They also have to give hints, however ghosts guesses on this word will not count. Ghost games can be made without Fool.

Ghosts job in the game is to provide hints that don't make them seem obvious, and not get lynched by the town. (ok tbh this description is lacking, so I will elaborate) Ghosts aren't given a word. They choose who starts the guessing, but after that they're on their own. They still must give a hint when it's their turn though, so if you're a ghost, you better be figuring out what the secret word is, using the other guesses! If the Ghost IS lynched, then they have a chance to win. They are given one chance to guess the secret word. If they get it right, Ghosts win. If not, they're out.

The maker of the game gets to choose the word for the Town (and Fool if they include a Fool in the setup). They therefore cannot play.


Once the game starts, chat will be frozen. If you're Town/Fool, then on the right-side of the screen you will be given a word to keep secret. If you're a Ghost, you will decide who will guess first out of all the players. After this period, the chat will remain frozen, but the players will take turns giving hints about their words, will trying to remain fairly vague. You want to seem like you know what the word is, without giving away what the word actually is. After everyone has typed their hint, the chat will unfreeze, and everyone votes for who they think is the Ghost. If they vote off a Ghost, then the Ghost has the chance to guess the word. Guess right, they win, guess wrong, they're out, and game continues. If Fool/Villager is voted off, then next round of game begins (everyone has same roles, etc)

Town wins by voting off all the Ghosts.

Side Note

  • Don't just type out the word. If the word is, say, Apple, then you can say "Juicy" or "Fruit" but don't actually say "Apple".

Alright, I think that about covers it! Just jump in, it's really easy to pick up, and people are usually willing to explain if you have questions. I'm also happy to answer any questions/correct this/respond to criticisms in the comments.

jesus127Feb 14, 2015
Ghost is a win for town in perfect play as a consequence of P≠NP. Townies give clues like "my word, when encrypted with public key "..." under RSA results in "...".
ChristianitySep 15, 2015
wait isn't P=NP unanswerable?
HoodSep 17, 2015!
you murder someone irl
i made a little wordpack suggester(?)

there are only 70 unique combinations so dont mind me :X
jyshuhui6d 15h
Which game should I write a how 2 for next?