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Mafia meeting
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282wins258losses5left Blue BALLERinas gogogogo

My wiki page is on the main page :O

I submitted the Ninja role

Setup Thread in progress:

I give kudos to the n1 death.

I don't trophy run because I actually have better things to do rather than play mafia all day everyday.

If someone suicides in an unranked game and I'm mafia I will almost always grace nk.

If I'm leading and you're about to die- give a dying fos because I really look at the fos of the dead to make hammer decisions.

The best player ever! Please +k!

I used to have a long list of awesome games I was in before but they all became "Table does not exist!"s. :( This happened twice, second time with EM3.0 came out.

Perfect Sandbox
My winning game for 10000 points Ohhhh snap

about 5 years
Hi noavist boi
deletedalmost 10 years
kissus u np bbys anytime <3
about 11 years
about 11 years
+k'd! return? <3
over 11 years
thanks, returned. too bad the 2 setups together have a sum of 1 played games, lol
over 11 years
Thanks. Is this a recorded bug ?
deletedalmost 12 years
Background looks good bro.
almost 12 years
happy birthday
deletedalmost 12 years
And now you have your answer.
deletedalmost 12 years
I don't want to say sorry as I've had a blast on this alt, I've avoided the pressure to play a certain way every game like I do on my main, plus I might be running.
deletedalmost 12 years
Thank you! Sorry for not reminding you, I appreciate you taking the time to check though! Returned.
deletedalmost 12 years
Added it
about 12 years
Oh god nick. And Anon, dont mind blade. ;)
deletedabout 12 years
+k returned :D
about 12 years
thanks bro, +k returned. zebra is so love, i can tell.
deletedabout 12 years
about 12 years
Returning the +k, happy Valentines Day (: <3
deletedabout 12 years
im sorry
deletedabout 12 years
Yes I am. I went ahead and deleted those, but there are over 50,000 spam pages on the wiki from spam servers. Lucid is working on getting blocks up, but I won't be able to delete them all.
about 12 years
Arsonist name was already taken but thanks for the karma, I returned :D