I am ur guardian angel
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deletedover 9 years
Wtf why not?
cuz i like u unwrecked mostly
deletedover 9 years
how about me will you wreck me?
no i most certainly will not
anonymousover 9 years
why do you bully trisp? he's only 13
i am not a bully :(
deletedover 9 years
don't tell me
deletedalmost 10 years
wreck me


20 / 20Super Sleuth!
9 / 10Scumhunter
8 / 20Do No Harm
7 / 20I'm Miller, I Swear!
3 / 25Explosion!
about 5 years
hi a :) iceberger
almost 6 years
MISS UR BUTTHEAD sorry I'm unresponsive ;c
almost 7 years
Lol you're still on here?
almost 7 years
rednose is free
about 7 years
There is literally nothing little about me.
about 7 years
Oh ok. :)
about 7 years
yea babe lets catch up, ill have to figure out this msn thing, im not young and techsavvy like you ;)
about 7 years
ok. *unzips pants*
over 7 years
I miss you
over 7 years
wish i could see them booty angels ;) dont stay out too long! u might get sick. miss ya <3
over 7 years
Whether or not the weather is the weather outside is dependent on whether or not the weather outside is the weather.
over 7 years
hows the weather
over 7 years
hi bo0ty
over 7 years
bae just realize no other man can recognize how much you glamorize, yah
over 7 years
every day plants photosynthesize, birds fly the skies, but my heart won't harmonize without ya
over 7 years
i can't overemphasize the amount i've fantasized of becoming an enterprise with ya
over 7 years
bae i just got too many butterflies to properly verbalize my desire to romanticize ya
over 7 years
you must be 40 by now
over 7 years
ya ***** ya ***** call me steve-o imma wild boy imma wild boy **** an eigth i need an o