crazy = genius
wonderland [vegas]

the crown is mine

"i got a dinner date with greatness"

about 7 years
Oh, I get it now. Sorry
deletedover 8 years
now you can be played ranked
over 9 years
id make it must act though because sniper has no incentive to shoot while the deputy is usually forced to try and shoot scum but its a nice little mech based + scumhunt setup. but then again not knowing maf partners is weirrd cus idk how ud scumhunt to find scum lol
over 9 years
Gramps one is kinda weird tho cus 2 PRs with only 4 unclears makes it kinda scumsided
over 9 years
i actually love the agent setup its amazing
about 11 years
u r dum as hel
deletedabout 11 years
Why are you stalking my profile? lol
deletedover 11 years
Then how did you post on it?

Boom - lawyered.
deletedover 11 years
Hi Devin - thanks for visiting my profile!
over 11 years
thanks for the song i listened 2 it while i got ready for work :P kinda sucks but w/e im sick of my playlist anywhoo
over 11 years
if i was ur bf id never let u go i can take u places u aint never been b4
deletedover 11 years
Thanks, boo <3
over 11 years
I like you a lot even when I'm not drunk
deletedover 11 years
lol hi