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Too old to still be playing this. Too stubborn to care.

  • First account - ConfusedinTX - #675 (somehow deleted in 2012)
  • Second account - Stephen - #1249 (April 2008)
  • Previous Facebook Mafia player - ranked #32
  • You will always find me playing in the Sandbox. This is my home.
  • ICU Nurse by trade for over 10 years.



anonymousabout 6 years
Are you married yet? Off EM.
Nope. Not yet.
anonymousabout 6 years
Why do you like sucking on toes?
Because fungus is among us.
anonymousover 6 years
Why don't you like anal sex?
Because poo.
over 7 years
Are you still a whore?
Not. Never. :P
Why are all the questions in your ask about you being a whore?
No idea. It's NinjaSlap's fault.


1 / 20Do No Harm
1 / 20Super Sleuth!
1 / 25Eye of the Beholder
1 / 25Objection!
1 / 20I'm Miller, I Swear!
almost 5 years
Why must you fill my wall full of lies?
almost 5 years
I see what you're doing!
almost 5 years
superior stephen x
about 5 years
<3 <3 Ninja gonna be heartbroken when u leave him for me
about 5 years
always a pleasure
about 5 years
Honestly, no clue.
over 5 years
Of course I'd hide from you!
over 5 years
I'm also here.
over 5 years
Go "Home"
over 5 years
Get your in games!
over 5 years
"Hi. I am probably one of the oldest EM players you will meet."

That's where you're wrong kiddo
over 5 years
my full name is almost stephen but my mom decided it was a good idea to go an instead, what a sad life bro
over 5 years
Check out my monk win.
almost 6 years
Ummm.... nope.
almost 6 years
You killed EM!
almost 6 years
Stephennnn. Me no forget. Hope you're good luv. Miss you a bunch.
about 6 years
Are you ignoring me?
about 6 years
im special
about 6 years
Look at this amazing game!
about 6 years
I will eventually descend with all my grace and might to the land of the stars and the bars just to be shot down at the border