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(HIATUS TIME <3 WON'T BE COMING BACK ANYTIME SOON. IF U SEE ME IN PREGAME, TELL ME TO LEAVE AND NEVER COME BAK. love ya'll, but i really need to move on from this site. )


-THANKS TO THOSE who participated in sunstorm week. I really appreciated it.

1.Cut a hole in the box 2.Put your junk in that box 3.Make her open the box And that's the way you do it. . . . . Reasons for my username according to random em players >.<

You like the irony because it's not usually sunny during storms (Flippy04)

It's broken into two parts, sun and storm.

sun = because her legs spread as far as the distance between the sunset and sunrise

storm = she has more STDs than raindrops in a storm (theeraser obviously)

sun = a star that is dieing very slowly storms = depressing

You are a suicidal emo person (cappstv >.>)

if you rearrange sunstorm you get mors nuts cause she always needs more nuts to feed her STD addiction and more sounds like mors

(BearODactyl,umm mors does not sound like more lol)

because you get turned on by astrology and weather

(Tatsuya, that took him about 1 second to come up with that...)

sun = metaphor for the warmth you bring to my heart storm = metaphor for the stirred up emotions of which you are the cause

(anonymous, <33333 thats cute)

here's a theory: your name isn't sun storm, It's sunst orm. You're an alien trying to learn our ways by coming to where we spend our time. The only problem is, when your people eventually come to our planet, they're going to think we're either under the age of five, over the age of sixty or 18 years old. No exceptions. Except for the odd joker who makes their age 42.

(llamaeattaco, hey cuz i lyk u, ill pretend i get it. LULZ)

My theory about the origins of your name: You're just really gay, and chose a really gay name.

(Dragoan, I actually didnt wanna put this one up.)

My theory on your name: Sun: It comes from your shining personality, and how you give light, and shine other people's lives. It also represent You being happy all the time. Storm: Tough but nice. It's better to not get on your bad side, because you can get pretty mean, Yet you are a peaceful person most of the time. ...<3

(Verfo21, I think this one displays my personality the best. ilyyy :))

Sunstorm. Im making a new name theory. Sun: The shine of the day. The living energy that fills the air. Life. Storm: The anger and passion of love. Seemingly endless and powerful. However, only lasts for a instant.

(LightningFarron or aznnnh... <3 Thankyaaa, i am that living luscious energy that fills the air! woot)

sunstorm is because you have a great sense of jewlery for the sunst part, liek a sunst necklace. secondly the orm is similarly to a boomerang and since you from australia,you like them.

(jessedajester, I don't really get it. but then i don't get you and ur alts anyway soooo lol.)

I HAVE GOOD REASON FOR YOUR NAME EXISTING. It's cause you felt like calling yourself that. <3

(hiralarious, the truest one yet. get emmmz.)

I have a suggestion: Sun because you brighten up my day And storm because I love storms, and because they are beautiful and peaceful, yet tragic and violent

(blukrystaltears, awww thankies. that sex scene was so sad that it hurt. LOL <3333)

Here's my idea for your name: sunstorm, you are life's purest elements. Sun for the energy that gives me strength, water(rain) makes up 70% of my body and the earth I live on, finally oxygen(wind) that I inhale every moment. Without you, I could not survive. You are my blood, you are my ATP, you produce the substance that gets converted to H2O at the end of each citric acid cycle in all of my cells. Each mitochondria in me exclaims in ecstacy at your existence, and every heme group delights when you visit. You are everything to me, and I love you dearly. - PS. I wish you would be a model, you have stunning features and very strong facial structure, that most girls covet daily. - Love, sunforone

(kittenz73, about time dude. but it was sweet, surprisingly)

here's teh origin: Seriously Users Now Stop Teasing Out Rowdily Me

(MrZep, grammatical issues aside, i loveee u MY ITALIAN BUDDY!)

Lemme tell you about a girl I once knew

Nothing she said or felt was ever untrue

She could make anyone happy, no matter who

And she always smelled sweet just like shampoo

Sunstorm was the name she went by

Many people guessed, but no one ever found out why

Maybe like the sun, on her you could always rely

Maybe like a storm, she gave you a feeling you can’t buy

She was brighter than any sun could ever be

She was exciting and exotic like a jubilee

She was more grand than the grandest oak tree

Go meet her, I’m sure you’ll agree

She was fiercer than any storm

When it was cold out, she made me feel warm

When I was down and out, she put me back in form

Someone like her is as rare as a meteor swarm

She’s the kind of girl that you might fall for

Though I heard she ain’t around no more

I guess everybody needs space to soar

There’ll always be a space for her in my heart’s core

Sunstorm I hope you fly fast and far

Go show the whole world how amazing you are

(Raccoon. This was super lovely :) You know you're the greatest. Thankieess so much <3)

Whats your theory? (good ones please):P

table 290989- lawlz

I LOVE YOU CHILL. :) 12/28/2009

I LOVE YOU SUNSTORM 1/19/2010 - Verfo21

I LOVE YOU MATO <3 1/27/2010

I LOVE YOU TATS xO 2/8/2010

I LOVE, LUV, AND AM WUVIN U BEAR :O 7/20/2010, but in reality way before that

Tatsuya: You followed sunstorm throughout the night. sunstorm visited moonstorm. Together they gave birth to a planet.

Stephen: Aint no sunstorm when she's gone, It's not warm when she's away, Ain't no sunstorm when she's gone, And she's always gone too long, Anytime she goes away! <3

sunsetorange: the orange sun sets after the storm. (:

okopapa: sunstorm would you be my okomama?

yes i will, my okopapa.


over 5 years
Merry xmas, I got you my heart <3
Happy new year! MWAH
anonymousover 5 years
how old are you sun
old enough and young enough
about 6 years
fuck off
dude aren't you close to 30?
anonymousabout 6 years
y u no play more often?
because noone's here :(
about 7 years
are you the light of life
because you're the light of mine
about 5 years
*sends flowers*
over 5 years
That's good! Happy new year sun, have a wonderful 2019 :)
over 5 years
Miss u moar. Have a tremendous 2019!! xoxoxoxo
over 5 years
totally luv u <3
over 5 years
*sends owl with letter*
over 5 years
comes back 6 months later to say hi
over 5 years
*leaves drunken voicemail proclaiming my love*
over 5 years
*sends flowers*
over 5 years
how u been
almost 6 years
Hello summer sunshine, miss ya. WHO WAS UR VALENTINE!! >:O
almost 6 years
about 6 years
about 6 years
hello i am alive
about 6 years
Joyous valentines day my bae <3
about 6 years
Omgawd: SUNSTORM!!!! <3 <3 <3
over 6 years
Why is it you're never around when I am? :(
over 6 years
Zero passed away back last year. Also I'm 25 now. :P
over 6 years
Happy holidays my beautiful storm ;)
over 6 years
I miss your sunshine
over 6 years
I'll always be in the sun with you