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5 / 20Super Sleuth!
2 / 20Do No Harm
1 / 10Scumhunter
1 / 20Lucky Kiss!
1 / 10I'm Towntelling!

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about 5 years
Well, I forget that you are old as hell. ;)
over 6 years
not rly lol
about 11 years
i don't remember posting on ur wall and y
about 11 years
hi u hi hi hi
over 11 years
I'm here!
over 11 years
Oh! Hey!
over 11 years
Missing you!
almost 12 years - Don't give up at the end of the game! I know sometimes things get tense and you get angry, but just keep playing till the end. I am not suspending you since you were just angry and the game went unranked.
almost 12 years
almost 12 years
Been on and off a lot over the past 6 or so months. I dunno, my activity is quite sporadic. I don't actually play I just trawl/lurk the forums. And I never saw you on CoD, coward =P
almost 12 years
THE STICKERS, THEY DO NOTHING it's just a thing you can give other people when you and them have a certain amount of wins with a role. I think O.o
almost 12 years
about 12 years
lulz <3 I don't trophy run. I'm too ADD. Never use all my hearts. xD you played well, though. that voting pattern thing was just a HUGE advantage.
over 12 years
No I will not buy you gay porn u broke ass fag
over 12 years
If it's worth losing a few times before then sure xDD.

:o just noticed you removed the link...I don't recall losing to you ;D
deletedover 12 years
*looks at ur wall* *looks at unreplied emails* YA UR RIGHT I PROLLY FORGOT ABOUT U ;p
deletedover 12 years
I worry about u... ur in the army n u jus disappear :( <3
deletedalmost 13 years
come on msn loser :( i miss u 2
deletedalmost 13 years
Of course! :) Will let you know when the next game is! :D
deletedalmost 13 years
i am the opposite of mean :( take it back!!! </3