• Visits one person every night.
  • If that person is a role that visits, they will be role blocked.
  • Visiting a Virgin converts them into a Villager.
  • Visiting a Mistletoe converts them into a Mafia.
  • Sided with the mafia.

In popular setups

Guns & Hookers played 216,307 times
Fool Training 3 played 52,535 times
this setup is bad and should n played 24,403 times
Armed and Dangerous played 11,429 times
Lynch or be lynched (LOBL) played 8,766 times
Code Black Asylum (CBA) played 8,703 times
Trust each other played 8,482 times
Back to Night School (B2NS) played 5,594 times
Sex and Lies played 5,369 times
MG – GS Gauntlet played 5,329 times

Available Achievements

Lucky Kiss! (20)
You were able to hook someone who was about to come kill you!
over 5 years
Hooker hooks virgin.
Hooker and virgin are both ladies.
Virgin becomes a villager, which is a guy, the next day.
This is so wrong.
over 7 years
Why cannot Hooker hook mastermind? I am angry.
deletedover 8 years
lol I also downvoted it to make it 69
about 9 years
Shaniqua is usually good at this role.
about 9 years
I also downvoted so it could still be 69.
deletedabout 10 years
my favourite role of all time
about 10 years
i downvoted so it could be 69 bless
over 10 years
Actually, scratch that last point, Hookers *can* be roleblocked -- both the kill (if hooker is only mafia) and the hook don't go through.
over 10 years
Mechanics testing: Hookers (along with Drunks and Nurses, but NOT chefs/jailers/gators) can't roleblock Watchers (and their maf equivalent), Priests, Grampses (?), Grannies (and they'll die if they try), Ninjas, Oracles -- and any other roles that don't visit. Most roles without a night action (BP, etc) can't be hooked -- but a Sleepwalker can. Friendly mafia can't be hooked, but opposing mafia can (in multiple-mafia setups). Hooking a Virgin will convert them to a Villager, and hooking a Mistletoe will convert them to a (nilla) Mafia. Hookers themselves cannot be roleblocked (but I haven't tested that, so I'm not sure).
over 10 years
Celeb is no longer my favourite role
over 11 years
omfg 69 karma for the hooker. Fantastic.
over 11 years
Idea: if hooker hooks virgin, then should turn virgin into a blue.
deletedover 12 years
All roles that visit will say so specifically in their respective descriptions. Notice that things like watcher and oracle say "chooses" instead of "visits" so they are unaffected by hooker/drunk.
deletedover 12 years
jailer is a visiting role so it's accounted for now
about 13 years
Still no jailer info. >:/
about 13 years
THE HOOKER CAN HOOK THE JAILER! PREVENTING THEM FROM KILLING! > New feature > Jailer kills at night > Hooker CAN stop the jailer from killing if working alone.
over 13 years
The hooker will sleep with the target, then the target will be shot.
about 14 years
Dont take this bad (shes like a prostitute) right?
about 14 years
+K for being sleazy.
about 14 years
kittenz was here.