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i almost never play em any more but follow me on tumblr or discord (sord nbfrend#8613, username changes sometimes tho)

https://docs.google.com/document/d/11NXYFZ_OysDNwj4NUxsdUYaByy-YEW-O2CGbsEjNtLw/edit system messages google doc, for fakeclaims etc

OK what goes on profiles... hmm...

hey, I'm spirit, I'm a huge nerd but I'll deny it in court, I like fire, awesome people (check my friends list, it's full of 'em) and Wednesdays... idk what to put here help

if you got questions 'bout how EM works, pm me; I know far too much (⌐□_□)

uhhh what else goes on profiles

avi by Missingheart it's hella good

profile design by littlewhitey it's also hella good

why not go +k them both yes do that go go go

becky's awesome shaymin-s (thank comrade, spirit approve)

hella awesome calligraphy by Mauschen




over 6 years
i don't want to hear that from the biggest nerd in the universe :////
you mean you???
about 7 years
if you can see this you're a nerd
no u.... nerd.....
over 7 years
"ur a nerd" says the nerd
excuse u.... you cant prove that in court
over 7 years
boops your profile
ur a nerd
anonymousover 8 years
Very useful dc about fake reports ingame, thanks ;)
no prob. https://docs.google.com/document/d/11NXYFZ_OysDNwj4NUxsdUYaByy-YEW-O2CGbsEjNtLw/edit (for future reference)


10 / 20I'm Miller, I Swear!
9 / 15Knight Devout
7 / 20Do No Harm
7 / 20Super Sleuth!
4 / 20Clint Eastwood

Created Setups

over 6 years
nyoom ♥
about 7 years
excuse u ive had this for years
about 7 years
vv shameless!!
about 7 years
copying loenna's profile song i see!! how shameless :3c
over 7 years
kinda?? not much but. whats up
over 7 years
are you BACK
over 7 years
love me or ill ban you
almost 8 years
-boops your nose-
about 8 years
thats pointing towards you btw :3c
about 8 years
omg nerd ^
over 8 years
more ironic than ever. shades included like hot damn http://www.amazon.com/UV400-Unisex-Aviator-Sunglasses-Cleaning/dp/B0028JCS2E/ref=cm_rdp_product look at thooooooose
over 8 years
hey youre cool how are you doing
over 8 years
yoooooo ty
over 8 years
> implying I have a life
over 8 years
dang spirit i know we've told u to get a life but i didnt think you'd be that successful ;-; come back
deletedover 8 years
returned a karma to you =]
over 8 years
You're so sweet! Thanks for the karma! Really means a lot coming from you. Thanks again for that game, you played extremely well and it made me feel guilty for winning :(

+k back!
over 8 years
thank you so much for the birthday wishes ily spirit <33
almost 9 years
^ nerdier nerd
almost 9 years
You better believe I am.