im abrasive
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поцелуйте мою задницу. здравствуйте это - Владимир, идущий в Вас. счастливая мафия! долгосрочной службы Россия.

i will poop my way to victory


about 11 years
was the dick too bomb?
far too bomb, yes


4 / 20Do No Harm
1 / 20Super Sleuth!
over 10 years
circafan is a fuck
over 11 years
+k'd(: return? <3
over 11 years
Welcome back. :)
over 11 years
+K'ed to 41 for the most epic reason to +K someone ever!
deletedover 11 years
I know, I'm very sorry, but we have lucid's word that since Ghost is NOT mafia, mafia violations should not be given for it. Please do note that community violations can still be given for Ghost games.
almost 12 years
+k'd cause RUSSIA! :3
almost 12 years
olive juice you
almost 12 years
you are so me
about 12 years
Happy birthday!
about 12 years
Happy birthday (topic)!
deletedover 12 years
For adding another account, you have to register it on the front page first.
over 12 years
over 12 years
klaine ftw!
over 12 years
Secret and Whisper are like my favorite band. :]
over 12 years
+K for being a Circa Survive fan. :]
deletedover 13 years
Ha thanks! +2k for you too!
over 13 years
returned, lol
over 13 years
deletedover 13 years
yeyeye circa :3
deletedover 13 years
dat family invite.