Very inactive lol
married to 
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Recently came back to the game. Can't change my bio due to the nostalgia of all the games I used to play. Pretty much just play main lobby now cuz I somehow find mafia fun lol. If you wanna friend me, go ahead, I'm a pretty nice person lmao

Hey I'm blade12344. Been on this site since Feb 2011.

I'm fairly inactive, which is a shame but it's because I'm mostly a survivor lobby player and me being British means I'm not very good at keeping up with the American times as the games always last until like 5am (Heck, lately they've all been games that I have to do all nighters just to frigging play! Haha!)

On the subject of mafia, I think I'm fairly good. I like being able to read into things and make assumptions so I enjoy the game quite a bit and so have gained a bit of a skill for it. If you +K tell me why and maybe I'll friend you if you're lucky ;)

Some games I've hosted:


Survivor: Series 1 winner: Armendp

Survivor: Series 2 winner: Surfman

Survivor: Series 3 winner: Jaylen23 (Runner up: xKandy)

Survivor: Series 4 winner: sunslicer2 (Runner up: Lavaworks303)

Survivor: Series 5 winner: haille199 (Runner up: Downlink)

Survivor: Series 6 winner: skullzkkz (Runner up: EverClear)

Survivor: Series 7 winner: Downlink (Runner up: headphonegut)

Survivor: Series 8 winner: Jaylen23 (Runner up: Downlink)

Survivor: Series 9 winner: pendulous (Runner up: PhyrWindo)

Survivor: Series 10 winner: Sunslicer2 (Runner up: Hyperro2)

Survivor: Series 11 winner: Spoderman (Runner up: P3D0PH1L3S)

Survivor: Series 12 winner: metalfox (Runner up: hudsonboy111)

Survivor: Series 13 winner: soda17 (Runner up: Anxiety)

Survivor: Series 14 winner: weavilton (Runner up: HighSpace)

Survivor: Series 15 winner: NickiJ (Runner up: Darkcloud1232)

Survivor: Series 16 winner: xKandy (Runner up: soda17) However, soda 17 won 3 challenges in a row! Kudos for that!

Special 'Vivor

Special 'Vivor: Series 1 winner: UniqueDoll (Runner up: BroStrider)

Special 'Vivor: Series 2 winnner: haille199 (Runner up: eFallon)

Special 'Vivor: Series 3 winner: Y2jLV (Runner up: skullzkkz)

Special 'Vivor: Series 4 winner: Y2jLV (Runner up: Downlink)

Special 'Vivor: Series 5 winner: Downlink (Runner up: Y2jLV)

Special 'Vivor: Series 6 winner: Siicinaa (Runner up: Y2jLV)

Special 'Vivor: Series 7 winner: Hedger (Runner up: Skullzkkz)

Special 'Vivor: Series 8 winner: metalfox (Runner up: Arbor)


Tribevivor Series 1 winner: Anxiety (Runner up: victor7)

The Amazing Race

The Amazing Race 1 (Co-Hosted by P3D0PH1L3S) winner: jambecca Runner up: xKandy

The Amazing Race 2 (Hosted by NickiJ. Co-hosted by me.) winner: soda17 Runner up: HighSpace

The Amazing Race 3 (Hosted by xTheScorpYoN. Co-hosted by me.) Winner: Nami runner up: Hydriodite

Big Brother

Big Brother Series 1 winner: Downlink (Runner up: OrangeShovel)

Big Brother Series 2 winner: hedger (Runner up: CaptainTroll)

Big Brother Series 3 winner: xKandy (Runner up: godofdarkness)

Big Brother Series 4 winner: xKandy (Runner up: potledom)

Big Brother Series 5 winner: the99 (Runner up: Jaylen23)

Big Brother Series 6 winner: UniqueDoll (Runner up: Downlink)

Big Brother Series 7 winner: Aydemirr (Runner up: Kelly999)

Big Brother Series 8 winner: xKandy (Runner up: LuvsDrama)

Big Brother Series 9 winner: Voice (Runner up: HighSpace)

Big Brother Series 10 winner: HighSpace (Runner up: Link)

Big Brother Series 11 winner: Volt (Runner up: NickiJ)

Big Brother Series 12 winner: dapower (Runner up: LinkToDanger)




anonymousalmost 6 years
Are you straight?
anonymousover 8 years
sick family you got there bro
Thanks bro!
anonymousalmost 11 years
lol u suk
Thank you! <3
about 11 years
Hey, I saw you so I thought I'd say hi. Seen anything exciting yet? I saw the most hilariou thing the other day, you should have been there, and seen it for yourself.
Yes I have! It was so exciting!
about 11 years
Hello there, young one.


20 / 20Do No Harm
20 / 20Super Sleuth!
7 / 10Scumhunter
4 / 10I'm Batman.
3 / 10Gotcha!
about 5 years
Hi Blade :o
over 6 years
miss you <3
deletedalmost 7 years
why dont i have ur snapCHAT?!
over 8 years
**Survivor: Series 16 winner: xKandy (Runner up: soda17) However, soda 17 won 3 challenges in a row!"** Since when did physical threats stand in the way of Kandice? She doesn't suck at comps she prefers to the social game **The Amazing Race 1 (Co-Hosted by P3D0PH1L3S) winner: jambecca Runner up: xKandy** Please nerf Miss K, she's so OP.
almost 9 years
over 9 years
ayo wassup how you been ;)
over 9 years
wassup blade
over 9 years
Hewwo Bladieboo
over 9 years
psssssssst. hi.
over 9 years
+k! :D
over 9 years
Nah are you?
over 9 years
My boo<3
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omg coray
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fucking hell what a sexy stegosaurus. lol jk dinosaur.
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deletedover 10 years
You wanna live fancy, live in a big mansion. Party in France? You betta' work, bitch.
over 10 years
Fucking hell what a sexy dinosaur
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<333 i miss you !
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over 10 years
I'm right here Pinky! <3