So... it's about that time where I'm pretty much done/completely bored with EpicMafia... I've met a lot of cool people on here, and I just want to say thanks to anyone that has ever took the time out to actually get to know me. You guys seriously changed me in so many ways-- for the better. To everyone that's in my family (The Academy of Swag), I love you guys; and I'm sorry I never warned you about this, but it was for the best. I need to move on with my life.

People always wonder why I act the way I do... I really don't know what to tell them other than that's just me. I'm human. I can be insecure, mean, bossy, impatient, I crave the attention, and half the time I seriously think I'm bipolar, lol.. maybe. Anyway, I'm still proud of all the achievements I've made within my time here: biggest karma whore on EM, a spot on the hall of fame, a reputation for being a HUGE bitch(: , and just overall happiness from the amazing times I had with people on here.

To all the people who "hate me" and think I'm full of shit... Just know that you could NEVER break me; and even if I annoyed the hell out of you, got under your skin, etc. I was always myself 100% of the time. I honestly feel sorry for you guys. You missed out on being friends with a really cool girl. I never intentianally started ANY drama. Anyone that remotely knows me or pays attention would know that others brought drama to me. Being the hothead that I am, I never backed down from it. There are so many things I want to say individually to you all, but to sum it all up: you were fake, and I was great.

I'm not going to delete this account-- ever. I've worked too hard to just throw it all away like that... sorry to disappoint the haters.

Bye, boys and gals. ♥ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ But before I go, here is some extra ish I kept track of... because im just THAT conceited. ♥

ImmaModel's EM LIFE SPAN

. Joined mid-July 2012.

. Most known EM "clique" - Model, Corkygear, ZelionX, Kidstorm, Ivyaya, Edgeworth, Appleofmyeye

. Families (in order) : The Anonymous Trolls, Partners in Crime, YOLOcity, Bad bitches. xo, Model's Army, #ThugLife, The Academy of Swag

. Husbands/ Wives/ Fiances(in love) [in order] : Mewtician (fiance), Alestors ([Mew's 2nd accound]fiance-- future 1st husband), Kerzy ( fiance), Ivyaya (wife), NYGiants (fiance), ICanPopYou (husband), Beyonce (fiance), Audacity (husband), Corkygear (wife), Natan (husband), TeddyLovesYou (husband), Jacob97 (husband), TheDee (husband), Acrylicslol (husband), HeroDave (fiance), Audacity ([remarried] husband), Altair ([Kidstorm] husband).

. Model's personas- Tyra Banks, Audrey Kitching, Allison Harvard, Eva Pigford, Dominique Reighard, Marilyn Monroe

. Famous ranks - Super Slut, Hungry Harlot

. Famous Death Message - 1.) On her way to a Victoria's Secret show, ImmaModel, the (cop,doc,etc), was attacked by horny squirrels! 2.) ImmaModel, (the cop,doc,etc.), couldn't handle the D!

. Favorite Lobby to hang in - Training ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I made this list a while ago but never shared, so guess i'll just post it here now. This is all in my opnion, btw.

Top 20 Most Famous People on EM 2k13 (of my time on here at least...)

1.) EvilPyro

2.) Matt12

3.) Giga

4.) Mickron

5.) projectmatt

6.) Sarah

7.) ImmaModel

8.) Lady

9.) Kelly999

10.) Riddler

11.) apeescaper

12.) ark

13.) Katie

14.) Natstar

15.) Goodbar

16.) CarlySunshine

17.) Skybreeze

18.) OriginALJazza

19.) Eloquence

20.) Vancyon ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

That's about it, and I've said all I wanted to say.

My experience on EM in a summary? : I had to use my wits or else I'd have been sunk - and nothings going to sink me. Everyone was always pulling at me, tugging at me, as if they wanted a piece of me. It was always, 'do this, do that,' and not just on the job but off, too. God, I've tried to stay intact, whole.... Marilyn Monroe ♥




about 11 years
i miss u
=[ i know... i miss you too, i've just been all over the place lately.
anonymousabout 11 years
you've changed :O :(
if we don't change, then how will we ever grow?
anonymousabout 11 years
R u rly Marilyn monroe
.............yes... I dug myself out of my grave from my over 50 year slumber and decided to play epic mafia out of all the thugs i could be doing...
deletedabout 11 years
EM just came back -.- you can't hold that on me xD
lol yes i can... you're still not here :P
deletedabout 11 years
You're never on!!!
lol you're the same with EM xD


20 / 20Super Sleuth!
20 / 20I'm Miller, I Swear!
20 / 20Do No Harm
14 / 15Knight Devout
4 / 10I'm Batman.
almost 5 years
Still trying to get you to 1k

...its hard asf
about 5 years
I am totally getting you to 1000...even if you're gone...

over 6 years
about 7 years
i stumbled upon this profile from an em user and omf i read dat whole bio fukken 11/10, ily. i hope u come back (: plus k
about 7 years
My god it's been forever. Miss you, imma
about 8 years
over 8 years
Woah. If you ever look at this. PM me. I miss ya. It was fun back then like what? Almost 4 years ago? Wow. Please hmu if you ever log to see this. Ill add ya on skype or something. Otherwise, I hope life is well for you. My life is crazy different and I just hope the best for all of the OLD EM Clique :)
about 9 years
about 9 years
+k to 891 :) return? ♥
over 9 years
i wonder if u ever come back
almost 10 years
hey, k+ :)
deletedalmost 10 years
oh yeah. i forgot she put herself on her own popularity list. makes me laf.
deletedalmost 10 years
+k'd, please return. tank q.
deletedalmost 10 years
Miss you girl.
almost 10 years
+k returned.

You'll have to forgive me for the 19 months and 9 days delay. I was afk, using the bathroom.
about 10 years
Keep on truckin! :D
over 10 years
over 10 years
I'm sort of sad that I didn't make it anywhere into your bio :( I really thought that I was a part of the "clique", and that we were all great friends. Not that it matters that much. But I miss you. I miss everyone, and I'm sad that everyone has disappeared. I hope to see you again.
almost 11 years
Love you, Dom. Missing you eternally xx- your sis, J
almost 11 years
woahhhh no come back