This "caps lock" problem has a simp32

YHWH21mon 12d

This "caps lock" problem has a simple solution:

add a

[ ] lowercase


If lowercase is on, all incoming chats have "toLowerCase()" applied (JavaScript builtin). So if people don't want to see caps spam, they don't have to, and if people like it they can. This is a simpler solution than whatever the current Caps filter does that also doesn't pi$$ off the community

coolkidrox123Nov 9, 2018
tfw caps are banned but the word c*nt isnt
YHWHNov 10, 2018
tfw caps are banned but the word c*nt isnt
or k*ke
deletedNov 10, 2018
I was the 69th signer, where are my 20 tokens?
whathaveibecomeNov 10, 2018
its gone
SpookyNov 10, 2018
just bring caps back...
JM123Nov 10, 2018
UniversalStudiosNov 10, 2018
Admin absent from thread with a vocal majority in favor of the suggestion.
Object13d 14h
No checking the [ ] lowercase puts you at a disadvantage because the rest of the table knows if someone is capsing out and you are unaware.

Everyone needs to be reading the same content in mafia. So close though!
shady12d 22h
This "caps lock" problem has a simp - the question is who?
JM1238d 13h

follow me

this is smart

do this, Lucid
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