h香ng k港ng
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heylo!! my fictional crushes are draco malfoy, nanase haruka and keith kogane. i read a lot and i also do bowling semi-professionally plus chinese martial arts. computer programming is cool too yeet

really sweet & amazing people on this site:

✿ BananaFudge ♥~(◠ω◕✿)

✿ Mershmellow ♡(ŐωŐ人)

✿ ZzFifthElementzZ ♡ヽ(ó㉨ò)

✿ my fav cool beans: jaykth, KyleCho16 (ノ∀`♥)

✿ other cool peeps (who've been so nice!): mitra, strawbebbi, zeyu12, Cafe, bazzainver, january, Kloading, Phlorax, YHWH

people i hate really fucking much on this site: navidivan, Jiraiya2, R3DL4RCH



anonymousover 5 years
what does ciao ni ma mean
操你妈 (actually it's cao ni ma) means fuck ur mom pls don't use it unless u're super mad at someone (though people use it all the time in china)
over 5 years
Come backkkkkkkkkkk I miss you ;(
i shall and miss u loads too x
over 5 years
over 5 years
favorite percy jackson character? mine is will solace :}
oo definitely nico di angelo!! and maybe thalia grace bc she's awesome and badass!! hey we make solangelo~
over 5 years
wo3 ke2 yi3!! :D i can speak putonghua but we write with traditional chinese instead of simplified lol ('ω^\)


18 / 20He's Batman
10 / 20Super Sleuth!
5 / 10Scumhunter
4 / 25Explosion!
4 / 30Oxyclean
over 5 years
May this account rip
over 5 years
Let's join our fam with Banana :)
over 5 years
+k to 17
over 5 years
Welcome to the punks family. +K
over 5 years
also... you seem to be missing someone on cool peeps
over 5 years
Heyyy im a cool peep :D
deletedover 5 years
+K, uKno who ;D
over 5 years
Big K+ cause ur a qt
over 5 years
LOL have you watched the idol rooms?
over 5 years
Thanks qt <: You can click "Fix background" So your background doesn't move when you scroll down
over 5 years
good person in general
over 5 years
good person to play with
over 5 years
Still waiting for the day where my discord friend request doesn't get declined
over 5 years
LOL thanks gal. Here's your +k back. (:
over 5 years
Hey I see you lurking on my profile
over 5 years
H. I
deletedover 5 years
holy guacamole, im glad u say u are doing well but i hope u feel better!
over 5 years
ofc i will do! i totally forgot that show exists :p
deletedover 5 years
helo how are u! ive not been on much but i hope u are prospering
over 5 years
LMAO, YG right? You should watch YG Strategic Office on netflix because its actually so hilarious and true