yo yo it's jay
(Aus)_syd not melb
in love with 
part of  family

trying hard to make jay alts hehe

  • P.S i'm frickiNG FEMALE and call me jay in-game ayeeeee


over 5 years
asians hate weebs
hahahahha truuuu
over 5 years
together we make jensoo!!!
over 5 years
is ti bad that im korean and i dont like korean songs?
YES :( you are ungrateful
anonymousover 5 years
herro !
anonymousover 5 years
I'm sorry
whyyyyy don't b haha


20 / 20He's Batman
20 / 20Super Sleuth!
8 / 20I'm Miller, I Swear!
6 / 25Explosion!
2 / 10Scumhunter
about 5 years
hi can you mentor me negative winrate?
about 5 years
hi can u mentor me?
about 5 years
Oh Jay, Hope you doing well!@! Noto loves 2 things. Joosh and Jay.
about 5 years
Noto misses jay. Come back
over 5 years
y u bully jay? smh yo
over 5 years
Hey Jay, It's me Noots. Look im not good at this. If I hurt you in any way shape or form, im very very very very very sorry :(. you is a very close friend of mine. YO YO ITS JAY !!!
over 5 years
+king from the graveyard
over 5 years
deletedover 5 years
here have some karma +k :')
over 5 years
syd not melb
over 5 years
+k for liking song ji hyo :D
over 5 years