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just was thinking about the EM interface. really I have no problems with the core of it, a text box and vote checker is all the game really needs to work. but i think it's a large problem for newer players etc. like notice how noavis always veg so i was thinking about how it can be improved.

ive been playing a lot of planet coaster so maybe this is my management sim side kicking in

in my perfect scenario parts of the UI would be modular so if you played BGO you would know that aspects of the game like (chat, inventory, player list, and main game window) can be resized at will depending on what the player wants. i'll expand on this idea in other examples but you'll see what I mean.

ok for the first example of a module i did the town meeting screen

so there's some things to note about this. so you'll notice the graphic and i think having pretty pictures is a good step forward in making the game easier to understand. my idea is that the person who is currently majority voted gets their name and avatar put up on the noose. this idea comes from emjack of course which places vote count next to the name on the vote list.

next comes the players vote. on their screen it will ALWAYS be the top box instead of a random place on the voting list. then of course comes the rest of the votes (yes i realize they don't perfect match up with the number). if you'll notice i chose some longer names here on purpose. if one wished too, they could expand the box and get rid of the ellipses.

IgnorancerFeb 27, 2018
add pings to ghost games :(
And fix the horrible kick system.

I;m thinking about thos Beans
Same tbh.
NegraFeb 27, 2018
thinking about u =P
sl0ndermanJul 6, 2018
i have a new idea on how to improve epicmafia we make the site actually function at a minimum level without constant downtime
deletedJul 6, 2018
let's get back to the basics
start a fundraiser to buy lucid a bed so he can stop sleeping on the servers
LekkuLoverJul 6, 2018
Shwartz99Oct 4, 2018
hey uh lucid if youre still here i think you ought to take a look at this thread its probably the most productive thing that has come out of sandbox since 2015
shayneismynameOct 23, 2018
this is starting to become my journal of ideas if i ever buy, so let's think about some site improvements, i want to start with the "learn tab"

first things first i think it should be easier to sort through the roles. the village, mafia, and thirdparty tags are a good start but i think there should be more tags to group roles that deal with similar concepts

tags can be killing, investigative, converting, passive, etc.
love this


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the part of the interface that sucks the most is

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sl0nderman shut the **** up ****** lucid isn't coming back this will never happen
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