The deep south, Y'all
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I've been here since February of 2010.

I created the role Cthulhu, and although it isn't exactly as I wanted it, I'm still proud of my Eldritch Baby.

I am prone to long bouts of disappearance on this website. I use it to fill my inactivity, but I often switch what games I use to fulfill that purpose. Even so, coming here is a habit ingrained in my personality after many years, so I always come back eventually (unless I die or something.)

I've made many friends in my time here. This is a shout out to you all. You're amazing people who I care very much for. Even if our friendship never leaves this website, you are a joy to be around and seeing you in the same lobby as me brings a smile to my face. Thank you.


anonymousover 5 years
why are you so pathetic irl?
Lots of unresolved emotional abuse as a child.
about 6 years
ook ook?
anonymousalmost 7 years
Go drunk, you're home
Oh shit, its true.


5 / 20Super Sleuth!
2 / 20Do No Harm
2 / 25Eye of the Beholder
2 / 25Explosion!
1 / 10Gotcha!
about 5 years
love your profile song! also 100th karma!
over 5 years
where the heckity heck haven't you been?
over 5 years
Brrrind Gaureian!
over 5 years
where the heckity heck have you been?
over 6 years
over 6 years
over 6 years
+k to 89 for being ookami. I enjoy playing games with you. Nice profile song, btw! :)
over 6 years
+k <3
over 6 years
If you're here cause I was mean to you, sorry, I do that.
over 6 years
+k above-average epicmafia user

also see below
over 6 years
+k for very cute doggo
over 6 years
aww haha that's so nice of you ookami thank you :)
over 6 years
Post this on 15 players walls of people who are the nicest and most beautiful humans in the online world. <3 :3
over 6 years
+K bc i like to
almost 7 years
almost 7 years
This is a great, great, GREAT user.
almost 7 years
This is a great, great user.
about 7 years
This is a great user.
about 7 years
This is a good user.
deletedabout 7 years
I'm here to give karma and look at the adorable puppy avi, tbh.