5 days since you tackled me - I've still got the rug burns on my bums

If you can't see the light, it is probably inside you. -glue70

Worst crier to date:

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about 6 years
are you a weeb?
I will make you weep after I'm done with you.
about 6 years
Is a sandwich a hotdog?
I will sandwich my hotdog between your buns.


20 / 20Super Sleuth!
19 / 20I'm Miller, I Swear!
15 / 20Clint Eastwood
13 / 20He's Batman
6 / 20Do No Harm

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almost 6 years
+k for acknowledging that Stevie Wonder is a treasure. A treasure we do not deserve.
about 6 years
I love you without any reason!
about 6 years
+k for putting up with Yums .
about 6 years
I read the graveyard chat btw XD
about 6 years
I mean, I'm not even american xD
over 8 years
♫ We are family, even though you're better than me ♫
deletedover 8 years
Hello :)
over 8 years
WELL, I DIDN'T KNOW YOU WERE CANADIAN. Send me some poutine and a bag of milk
deletedover 8 years
over 8 years
sent you a sticker =] - Selene
deletedalmost 9 years
That is not cheap!!! Also i already karma'd you.
almost 9 years
Hi, Peter Pan coming thru ta give ya a +k
almost 9 years
Nice and friendly. Good player. I haven't seen you host. +k (Thanks for killing me <3)
deletedalmost 9 years
n'aw bae I was messinggggg around :P
almost 9 years
Thanks! Always gotta keep up the good Canadian name ;)
deletedalmost 9 years
returned!! thank u for sharing this beautiful moment w me again
deletedalmost 9 years
+k friend
deletedalmost 9 years
+k right back at you! :)
deletedover 9 years
ho ho... whooa!