EMBB7 Trophy Game691

EMBB36mon 14d

EMBB7: A Space Journey

Fantasy Draft: https://epicmafia.com/topic/87650

Rules: https://goo.gl/toFSTS

WEEK 15: The Finale



Third Place

Finalist Speeches

Hedger: https://goo.gl/L8DuVJ

Jbomber732: https://goo.gl/rDWnf1

Jury Speeches

Knife: https://goo.gl/N6LFpq

Yuujin: https://goo.gl/LNLGnj

39Daleks: https://goo.gl/dUiZz6

MonteCarrlo: https://goo.gl/NXPxTd

100GOD: https://goo.gl/inrVTJ

bboy29: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1fdX3OMWkQevUcg2nP_ClujmCrVRzhnSimpPAZRDfaMM/edit

DevonW02: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1mZmXVU1v-kIEMNwpE9fe89ghaliE7guxD_Pi0vLx5kU/edit

Memory Wall:




EMBBFeb 7, 2018
100GOD's Jury Speech:
deletedFeb 7, 2018
SMH. These jurors complaining that they wish the season was better. You were in the season! You coulda done something to make it better. Lol.
deletedFeb 7, 2018
Jbomber must have played mind tricks on all y'all
deletedFeb 7, 2018
"All I have to say is that despite it being admittedly dull, I had fun. Beyond all else, that’s why I play these games, and so for me this game was a success."

aw this is nice i like this
LelmooFeb 7, 2018!
LelmooFeb 7, 2018
GingaFeb 8, 2018
imagine having to win comps to stay in an EM org

EMBBFeb 8, 2018
Responses to the jury from the finalists are completed and the jurors have until 8 PM tomorrow to vote.

Live finale at 6 PM on Saturday! (Stay tuned for any potential time changes).
EMBBFeb 10, 2018
Hello everyone, due to availability of the finalists, the live finale is getting moved to 10 PM EST tomorrow.
EMBBFeb 12, 2018
Congratulations to jbomber732 for winning EMBB7 and the GOLD TROPHY by a vote of 6-1! Congratulations also to hedger for coming in second place with the silver, and Knife with getting the Bronze!

Also congratulations to MonteCarrlo for winning America's Favorite, beating out 100GOD and zarfot!

And finally, congratulations to the winner of the EMBB7 fantasy draft, Markus!

Until next season, we're signing off, good night!
LuxuriousCreamJul 23, 2019


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