• Clock starts at 6.
  • Chooses one person to kill each night.
  • If victim is villager, clock goes up one hour.
  • If victim is mafia, clock goes up two hours.
  • If victim is third party, clock goes down three hours.
  • Gets an extra life if clock goes to 9 o clock.
  • Dies immediately if clock lands on 3.
  • Wins if 12 o clock, or if one of last 2 alive.
about 5 years
If killing a third set you back by 4 hours instead of 3 the game would still be crazy difficult and risky from the CM's perspective but still playable, and a bigger downside for killing Thirds past n1 to compensate. n1 wins were bad but n1 suicides are almost as unfun. Maybe even make it so CM can't nk when between 1-5 o'clock for balance.
about 6 years
this is the best role
about 7 years
@Marco, ever consider looking at what the tinkerer role does?
about 7 years
Apparently, steals guns?
I got a gun when I killed tinkerer.

"You found a gun in your victim's workshop..."
over 7 years
Oh boy! Three AM!
over 7 years
dang, i like the changed hour mechanics
deletedover 7 years
almost 8 years
I have seen Clockmaker win with Village. So that's why it sided with village.
about 8 years
Why does this show up as sided with the village that is Horrible
about 8 years

role might be broken 10/10
about 8 years
>hosts a 25 player game
>cm win d1
over 8 years

This is some booshit
deletedover 8 years
if clockmaker's kill is driven to himself on n1, he will win (and be in the graveyard)
over 8 years
up 3?
almost 9 years
Killing a bomb means you die before you get the extra life, probably.
almost 9 years
Glitched where if you get to 11 by killing a bomb you don't get the extra life
almost 9 years
Cop seems to sense the Clockmaker as innocent.
over 9 years
Vig kills CM CM kills vig both die
deletedover 9 years
I love this icon. This is exactly how I picture it. A town looking psychopath.
deletedalmost 10 years
about 10 years
Day 1: You glance at your watch. The time is 11'o'clock.
Day 2: You glance at your watch. The time is 1'o'clock.
Day 3: You glance at your watch. The time is 4'o'clock.

about 10 years
You glance at your watch. The time is 11'o'clock. You hear a gunshot!
orienz, the clockmaker, has kicked the bucket. Extra life is where ?!?!?!
about 10 years
Hey asshat! fix this!! extra life my ass!!
about 10 years
Mechanics testing: Clockmaker can win if it kills itself, but only if Driven. Say CM kills celeb, and driver drives celeb/CM -- the Clockmaker dies (unless saved), but still wins 'cause they hit a third-party. Proof:
over 10 years
I was clockmaker, poisoned D1 - survived to D2 because I killed town and reached 11 o'clock. Randomly died at end of the day without system messages. I didn't appear to poisoned D2 either~