Hi! I'm Nana. I'm a graphic artist with a very creative mind. While I tend to be quiet in games, I try to be helpful when I have things to be helpful with. I try to be kind to everyone as long as they are kind to myself and my friends on here.

I may veg a lot because I play while at work, and because I'm one of those weird people who still use Firefox so I get weird glitches while in the lobby that causes the page to never show anyone else join the game. If I veg in a game, I'm really sorry!

I've been known to join games after having a few drinks or while being so tired that I can't read words properly.

Ask me anything about After School for a guise test. Even the simplest question like what my full name is.

Also, I like baboons. One in particular.

There's one image that sums up why I'm quiet most of the time. I tend to lose focus while staring at a computer screen. :)


about 10 years
You're a cutie. kbye <3
about 10 years
you asian bitch shut up go make some rice
I think I'll respond to this just so people can see how much of a bigot you are! :)
about 10 years
I eject my external hard drive without using "safely removing" option.
Oooh such a bad boy! ;P
anonymousabout 11 years
Why do you like attention so much?
I never ask for attention and tend to be one of the most quiet people in a game, so I'm not sure what you're talking about.
over 11 years
Would you have my babies?
Babies are scary and loud
deletedabout 10 years
Hey, I understand that you have knowledge of alternative ad revenue sources. Could you pm me what you know? Thanks!
about 10 years
about 10 years
You put the "Nana" in "AsanteSanaSqashBnana"
about 10 years
<3 !!! :D
over 10 years
I prefer Uee.
over 11 years
I like Nana
Tits approves of the K-Pop fans here :)
over 11 years
^-^ ^-^
deletedover 11 years
It's okay man ♥
deletedover 11 years
ur rlly smart btw +k'd
over 11 years
Yesh! :)
over 11 years
Sorry the msg didn't go through. I kicked you by mistake, I slipped, sorry!
over 11 years
Ur effing gorgeous!
over 11 years
I miss you too :(
almost 12 years
고수 나나 ㅋㅋ
deletedalmost 12 years
The reason After School is mt favorite is because of Orange Caramel
i like their song Milkshake and Nana solo's song